War of the Burning Sky

Gabels School

After a long nights rest, the party are awoken extremely early, well before sunrise, by Buron.

Well before sunrise, you are awoken by Buron, who is agitated.
Buron: One of my men has discovered that a tunnel into something called the Singing Chasm will be complete within the day. Sounds like an eladrin escape route, which means Shealis will get news of this soon and flee. You need to go to Gabal’s now and stall her until Torrent and Rivereye return. I will send them as soon as possible.
Kaddim-sul: And once again into the fray my friends!
Kaddim-sul: Do we know for sure that she is at the school?
Buron: Yes, she is deinitely at the school, but she will not be there for long, you must hurry.
Avingancaeminha: Lets go then.
Jian: Lets go then.
Kaddim-sul: It is not even light out yet… Well then let’s be on our way
Avingancaeminha: First light is a popular time for starting journey’s we may be too late if we wait.’

The party heads out in the snow and shortly arrive at Gabels school, as they arrive they see a strange man in a blue robe waiting outside the closed gate.

A heavy snow falls as you make haste towards the school. The streets are barren in the darkness, except for the drifts that pile over the debris of the previous night’s onslaught. The crunch of boots in the snowpack is the only sound you hear.
When you finally reach the school’s gate, you understand why it has nicknamed the Castle. A small bridge crosses a moat. An iron fence surrounds the campus, which consists of many small buildings and four fifty-foot towers. Even in the dim pre-dawn, the castlelike appearance is unmistakable.
Beyond the gate, a lone man stands watching, smoking a rolled stick of tabac. A smoke cloud surrounds him in the heavy air and the cigarette glows brightly when he inhales, his paunch expanding to take in the earthy fumes. He eyes you carefully as you approach, eyes bright in the glare of the nearby torchlight. He doesn’t move closer when he speaks. “And what, my friends,” he says with a casual air, sweeping his blue-robed arm lazily outwards from his chest to the side, “brings you here on such a warm summer’s day?”
Kaddim-sul: Warm, summer? Seriously?
Kaddim-sul: Looks around dubiously
Avingancaeminha: Quite a formidable structure.
Man: If you are here for cleaning duty, I am afraid you are too late, the cleaners have already been.
Kaddim-sul: We would prefer to gain entrance to your magnificent establishment, we are seeking someone and it is a matter of urgency
Jian shifts
Man looks at the bird who shifts.
Man: Ah-ha, I thought that was not your true form, it appears I was right.
Jian smiles, “Very observant! It makes travel more convenient.”
Man: And also, why would you be wanting entrence to this school? Who is it that an urgent meeting is called for?
Kaddim-sul: We seek one Shealis, she has something of ours and we need to extract it from her clutches
Baloo shakes like a dog after a bath.
Ursa: Sorry. He had an itch and I told him scratching his arse in public is rude.
Man: Ah, the lovely Shealis, what is it that she has then?
Kaddim-sul: chuckles
Jian gives an easy laugh,“He’s referring to her coins of course. She’s hired us to accompany her on some journey she is undertaking.”
Jian: We may look like a motley crew, but we bring a lot of useful skills to the table, as guides, protectors, trackers and most anything else a person could need.
Man: Well, if that is the case. The gates open at 10.
Jian: We were told to meet her before first light as she wants to be on her way at dawn.
Kaddim-sul: Wait, if you cannot help us, perhaps you could let Diogenese know that we would like to speak to him, it is a matter of urgency
Man: You were told to meet her eh? I believe you, but I find myself uncaring as to what she wants. Gates open at 10, you may enter, and she may leave at that time. Hopefully with that solon of hers too.
Man: Diogenes? What would you be wanting with a man such as he? For I am he.
Kaddim-sul: Putting several things together – blue robes, dislike of Shealis, the Solon, etc.
Kaddim-sul: Ahhh….
Kaddim-sul: We would like to appeal to you. The matter we need to “discuss” with Shealis is not something we can speak of in a public place, could you permit us entry so we can discuss it with you?
Diogenes: You may speak to me here.
Diogenes he continues smoking
Kaddim-sul: Looks to the others
Jian: We hear that you don’t much care for our employer. So perhaps a little honesty will convince you to let us in? She isn’t our employer, we don’t much care for her either, and she hasn’t something that doesn’t belong to her.
Diogenes: You change your tune so quickly after finding out who I am? I find that slightly suspicious.
Ursa nods to Baloo and Pookah, “The boys here are going to use her as a plaything if she resists. I do hope she resists.”
Jian: That’s what happens when one makes assumptions and rudely doesn’t introduce herself or ask for the name of the person she’s talking to. My name is Jian by the way.
Diogenes: So, what exactly is your business with Shealis?
Ursa: Playtime?
Kaddim-sul: She stole something, and plans to flee the city today with it, taking the item to Shahalesti
Diogenes: An item? I find myself interested, what is this item?
Jian: A satchel of documents, filled with information that could be harmful to everyone here if it gets into the wrong hands.
Kaddim-sul: And seriously do you trust her to put it in the right hands?
Diogenes: Documents?
Jian nods
Diogenes: How do I know you aren’t here to help her smuggle those documents out?
Ursa: Again….playtime.
Jian: I imagine like her or not, you know she would be intelligent enough to gather a less conspicuous group for smuggling something unseen out of a city.
Jian: Or, if that was the case, I could have just flown in, picked up the documents from her and flown out….
Diogenes: I see, I suppose you are right. Very well, you have convinced me. I shall let you enter.
Jian mumbles to herself, “Why didn’t I just do that…”
Jian mumbles to herself, “Why didn’t I just do that to reaquire them..”
Kaddim-sul: Thank you for your understanding
Avingancaeminha: Thank you.
Avingancaeminha: Do you know where we can find her?

The party manage to persuade Diogenes to let them in, he takes them to the kitchen and invites the party to take whatever they want from the larder, to which they do with enthusiasm.

Diogenes: We should discuss plans for dealing with her before going to her apartment. She has had visitors over the past day, an elf, and of course her solon.
Diogenes: She can not leave the school before 10, before the gates open.
Kaddim-sul: Unless she has found another way out.
Diogenes: No, she is still in her apartment. Currently the school is empty except for myself, and Shealis.
Kaddim-sul: Grabs some food from the larder and begins to eat while they discuss
Diogenes: I have a plan, if you would like to hear it?
Kaddim-sul: I understand she is a fairly powerful mage in her own right. Perhaps you would have a suggestion on how we could keep her from leaving until our allies arrive
Jian: Of course.
Kaddim-sul: Certainly
Ursa: Does it involve two bears using her as a beach ball?
Ursa: If not, they’re not really intrested
Diogenes: It may well come to that, that sounds fun.
Kaddim-sul chuckle
Avingancaeminha wonders what a beach ball is.
Kaddim-sul: quietly hardboils an egg in his hand before eating it

They begin talk of a plan to keep Shealis in her apartment while the party talks with her.

Diogenes: The school has a… device, that creates a globe of force about the size of our friends apartment, but it requires a ritual to start and maintain. As the school is empty it will fall to be to cast this ritual while you deal with Shealis. Once the field is up, Shaelis will be trapped, you can then attempt to subdue her and obtain your documents.

The party agree with the plan, and they head to Shealis’s apartment to prepare to “subdue” her.

Diogenes brings you to Shealis’s apartment, a single story building on the western side of the combound; he then produces a small box from his robe and sits cross-legged on the snow-covered ground. He looks at you.
“You need to be close to the walls when the ritual starts,” Diogenes reminds you. “The globe will be impassable for about fifteen minutes. That should be plenty of time. If you have not obtained the case by then, my strength will be spent and the globe will fail. I wish you luck. I’ll release the globe if you come out first and give a positive signal that all is fine.”
Kaddim-sul: Excellent, we shall need all the luck we can get.
Jian moves along the wall.
Avingancaeminha follows jian.
Kaddim-sul: Stands next to the wall
Diogenes looks at you
Diogenes: Are you ready?
Kaddim-sul: As we’ll ever be I guess
Diogenies begins the ritual and you prepare to enter the apartment.
The door to the apartment opens, revealing a generous room that serves multiple purposes. A salon spreads to your right, melding into a kitchen along the rightmost wall. The far wall is adorned by a table and desk filled with equipment and boxes. Immediately to your left is a line of bookcases, nearly empty from obvious packing.
The light is dim, but a blond-haired eladrin woman stands near a small lamp in the kitchen. Her blue eyes flicker like shining sapphires and her pale skin glows like snow. She wears concealing red robes, but the metallic gleam of chainmail peeks out from her collar. Her gloves shine like silver.
With an easy grace, she steps toward the stove, seemingly unconcerned, and speaks, “You are here for the case, I know. I do not intend to let it fall back into Ragesian hands and it is safe right now. What can you say that would change my mind?”

The party meet Shealis, and then begin persuading her to give them the case.

Kaddim-sul: Shealis I presume
Jian: Pretty please.
Ursa: So, Shaelis, who’s your friends around the corner?
Shealis: That is none of your concern.
Kaddim-sul: Fair enough, it is you we have come to seek anyway
Ursa: True enough, because you’re not going to give us any trouble.
Jian: There is still a chance for everyone to get out of this without any violence. We need those documents back, we’re just a first response unit, more are coming. Its better for everyone if you just return them.
Shealis: First response huh? That does not bother me, they will not stop me.
Avingancaeminha: Why do you even need the case?
Wolfbane Moonshadow attempts to steal any items of value that are pocketable. Shealis: Shahalesti and Ragesia are at war, or at least they soon will be. I presume the documents in the case will help, but I am not quite sure what is in it.
Avingancaeminha communicates with the party telepathically, “I can sense that she will not be swayed by attempts at indimidation.”
Kaddim-sul: nods slightly at Avi
Wolfbane Moonshadow smiles when he notices a map on the table and whispers his finding to the party.
Kaddim-sul: I believe, and I think you do as well, that this case may contain clues to the teleportation problem. I believe that we have a better chance with the group of mages at Lyceum to figure out what is in the documents and how to make things better than you by yourself could do.
Shealis: Are you sure? If that is true then what is in the case may be even more important then I believed. I am still not convinced that you having the case is the best course of action, I still feel it is best in the hands of the shahalesti.
Ursa: So, where are you heading?
Ursa points the tip of her staff at the map on the table.
Shealis: That is of no concern to you, I am appaled that you would ask such a thing of me.
Ursa: Awe, something I said? Too bad.
Jian: Why do feel the documents are better in the hands of the Shahalesti?
Shealis: They would be better in the hands of my own kind, as I do not feel I can trust anyone else. I presume you are working with the resistance? As such, I ask you a counter question, how would working with you and the resistance, benefit me?
Kaddim-sul: Having not been on this plane long I am not certain I am correct, but from what I have heard and read is it not better that Gate Pass remain a neutral boundary between Ragesia and Shahalesti. THe only ones who can help assure that are the resistance.
Shealis: You are right I suppose, but if gate pass were to fall, then Shahalesti would need this information in the case, surely it is important that we recieve the information? As such I still think it would be best for Shahalesti to recieve the case.
Jian: It seems that Liceem would serve better as a place to research this particular problem. Their library and the knowledge of their mages in this field is quite impressive.
Avingancaeminha: It seems that Liceem would serve better as a place to research this particular problem. Their library and the knowledge of their mages in this field is quite impressive.
Shealis: I suppose you are correct. Lyceum would be a good place to study. However I still do not know if I can quite trust you.
Kaddim-sul: What if we could promise that the mages in Lyceum would share every bit of information with Shahalesti. You could even assign a mage from Shahalesti to help with the interpretation of the information in the case. THat way we all win
Shealis: I have a better solution however, I will help you on the condition that the case stays in Shahalesti control, and that all its secrets will be shared. Lyceum will recieve updates reguarding its contents through sending rituals. Their contact will be Clathan, an eladrin wizard of some renouwn.
Kaddim-sul: I still think it would be better at Lyceum, however, we still would like to see the case to make sure the contents are safe
Jian: Why not have the contents copied, so both places have access to them, and still stipulate the open communication and cooperative research?
Shealis: That could be done, if the case is in our posession we shall see that all information is shared, perhaps that could work. However I must be adament that it stay in Shahalesti control.
Kaddim-sul: Looks at the others. Personally I see no problem, so long as it is out of Ragesian influence and it is being studied for the benefit of Gate Pass and the lands Ragesia seeks to dominate
Jian: It sounds like a fair compromise…
Kaddim-sul: Either way I want to know the case and the information in it is safe
Kaddim-sul: Oh, we should probably let Diogenes know he can stop the ritual
Shealis: Oh I am so pleased by your wisdom! I apologise for any misunderstandings that might have occured. I am perfectly willing to help you out as much as possible if I should meet you in the future.
Shealis: However, I must confess something. I do not have the case in my possession, it is being kept by some eladrin partners of mine, who aim to give me the case when next we see each other. I shall take you to them when you are ready.
Kaddim-sul steps outside and signals Diogenes that all is fine
Avingancaeminha: I just hope the powers that be in Shahalesti do not decide you are not allowed to honour this aggreement.

The party are victorious in persuading her, however they find that she does not have the case, and that it is being held by a group of Eladrin, as they are talking, torrent walks in with a halfling, the halfling takes one look at the situation and walks off.

After explaining the situation to Torrent, she agrees, and the party head off with Shealis to the Eladrin ghetto. As they get there they do not know which building the eladrin they seek are located. They begin asking the locals, who at the beginning ignore their questions, however eventually they find a group of Eladrin who are willing to tell them where the Shahalesti Eladrin are. They are told that they are hiding in a door makers shop.

As they get to the shop, they find the front door is fake and only made to look like a door. They try the back and find a secret door made of wood, painted to look like a brick, with three switches that can turn, hidden in a carving of various celestial figures.

Kaddim-sul: Hmmm… I am betting there is a clue here.
Jian: Anyone familiar with these figures?
Kaddim-sul: Studying the celestial figures and attempting to recall whether they mean anything to him
Before you is a carving, done in a Shahalesti high style. Demons fight from the walls of a citadel as three figures, a winged woman with a trumpet (a solon), a noble and muscular man with a lion’s head (a leonal), and an armored eladrin woman with a gleaming greatsword, battle. An inset ray of light bathes the three heroes in a golden glow. The figures are raised from the rest of the work and appear to be switches that may unlock the door.
Kaddim-sul: Could this be related to some tale or legend of Shahalesti nature?
Avingancaeminha: I’m not familiar with it. Shaelis?
Shealis: I am afraid I do not know how to solve this, I have no ideas.

Wolfbane searches the door for traps, and finds one, he swiftly disarms it, however the door remains shut.

Kaddim-sul: Reaching back into his studies of history to see if these three figures mean anything to him
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Managed to disable the trap.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: We need to be careful though, there’s an alarm on the door.
Kaddim-sul: I have no idea and I am not familiar with the tales of this plane enough to tell what the significance is
Kaddim-sul: Was there not a clue on the map?
Avingancaeminha: Oh, these represent three planes. There are planes listed on your map, correct?
Kaddim-sul: Looking at the map sheet to see if anything is listed there
Shealis looks at the map.
She notices a note on the map.
Avingancaeminha tries to peer over her shoulder.
Jian tries to peer over her shoulder.
Ah, it seems that if we turn the switches in order, Eladrin,leonal then solon. and the door will open with the sunbeam carving is pushed.
Shealis: Ah, it seems that if we turn the switches in order, Eladrin,leonal then solon. and the door will open with the sunbeam carving is pushed.

The door puzzle is solved, however at that time they hear a noise close-by, this noise belongs to an imp.

As she says that, you here a sound nearby “Psst”
Kaddim-sul: Looking for the Psst
Jian snaps her head around, hand moving to her sword hilt.
Kaddim-sul ’s sword appears in his hand
?: I wish to make an alliance with you. I was sent to retrieve the case. I can help you get in if you wish, I know how this door works. In fact I will be more then welcome for you to take the documents and for me to take an empty case, i will not be violating my orders then.
Jian looks to torrent.
The thing talking to you reveals himself to be an imp.
Kaddim-sul: walks over and pushes the symbols in order, Eladrin, Leonal and Solon, then pushes the sunbeam
Avingancaeminha: I think we will be fine on our own.
Kaddim-sul: The problem I see is he is probably going to try to gain the case no matter what we do. After all it is a contract thing with them
: I cannot leave without the case, I am an imp, I am bound by a pact.

The imp begins to attack Avi, however he is swiftly dealt with, and vanishes.

You no longer sense his presence near you, he is gone.
Kaddim-sul: From what I remember of imps and devils, they are given a contract. By nature they must fulfill the letter of the contract not necessarily the spirit of the contract. If the Imp was told to bring the case to whomever, that is all he needs to bring. He is not responsible for the contents.
Kaddim-sul: Just over protective :D
Jian: I have a feeling that may come back to haunt us.

The party opens the door. Shealis asks for the case and then, in a surprising turn of events, gives the case to the party.

You open the door and enter the building, you meet up with three celestial badgers, two shahalesti warriors, and a shahalesti lieutenant. The lieutenant is briefing the eladrin regarding the tunnel. Shealis speaks a phrase and the badgers calm down. The eladrin then come downstairs and greet you.
Shealis: Give me the case now, I am ready to take it.
The eladrin do as they are told, finding and retrieving the case and then handing it over to Shealis.
Shealis: Shaelis then, surprisingly, hands it over to you.
Shaelis then, surprisingly, hands it over to you.
Shealis: Here, you should take it. There is a more eclectic belnd of magicians at Lyceum, and they may know more secrets that are not studied by the Shahalesti. I realize I am taking risk with my kin, but this is a war where pride will guarantee defeat.
Kaddim-sul: I thought you wanted it in your control? Not that I’m complaining, and I do agree, the best result should come from Lyceum. We will make sure that every bit of information is shared with your people as well.
Kaddim-sul looks at the case to see if he can figure out if it is locked and how
Shealis: Good, I have decided it best taken with you. make sure it gets to Lyceum.
Jian: We will
Kaddim-sul: As long as I live and burn, I shall protect it and see it safely to Lyceum
You try and open the case, but find that it is etched with swirling patterns and warded with an arcane lock ritual.
Kaddim-sul: Looks to the party: Should we try to get into it or just leave it as is?
Jian: Probably best to leave it locked.
Jian: If it falls back into the wrong hands, we don’t want to be responsbile for having already opened it.
Ursa: Let the boys have it. I’m sure they can get it open after a bit of play.
Kaddim-sul: My thoughts as well. It should provide some protection from the elements and those that would take the documents
Kaddim-sul: I’m pretty sure they could!
Jian: We will have to take extra caution to keep it safe. I’m sure the imp is still trying to acquire it.
Torrent: Well done, thank you Shealis, now, let us return to the safe house and we can begin talking of escaping the city.

The undead dwarves.

The party have finally joined the resistance, however Aldalphus decides that he will no longer be accompanying the party.

You have just returned from dealing with the white wyrm terrorists, and have just been allowed to joiin the resistance officially, some of you do so,, however aldalphus looks to you and says “I will not be joining you, I feel that my services are needed here, just as ASOP has left you, so must I. I feel I need to preach the word of Buhamut to these desperate people, and see them through this dark time.”
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Fair well Adalphus.
Aldalphus hands you the items that were given to him, as well as those he found. Taking off his armour and laying it on the ground, as well as taking off his ironskin Belt.
Aldalphus: These will serve you better then they will I, sell them if you must.
Avingancaeminha: People come and go so quickly here.

After Aldalphus leaves them, a Genesi by the name of Kaddim-sul walks up to the party.

Kaddim-sul: You see a tall humanoid dressed in leather armour. He’s Orange skinned with yellow highlights and red lowlights. His hair appears to be dancing flames.
Kaddim-sul: Greetings people
Wolfbane Moonshadow nods at the newcomer.
Jian: Hi.
Avingancaeminha eyes the newcomer suspiciously.
Kaddim-sul: I have seen you coming and going and helping the people of this city. I am wondering if you could use some help?
Wolfbane Moonshadow eyes the Genasi up and down appraising the value of his gear.
Avingancaeminha: Pperhaaps. We do seem to keep losing associates.
Jian: We can always use the aid of those willing to lend their sword.
Kaddim-sul: His armor and weapon are unsual for this area, the armour is reddish leather and bears stylized fire symbols. His sword appears to be a frozen tongue of flame
Kaddim-sul: I am new to the city, but I am willing to lend my sword to your cause, you seem like good people
Avingancaeminha: Mostly. But we seem to attract much ire from others.
As you are talking, Buron walks over to you.
Buron: Who’s the Genasi?
Kaddim-sul: Greetings, I am Kaddim
Jian: I’m Jian Wu-ming.
Kaddim-sul: Pleased to meet you Jian Wu-ming
Buron: Nice to meet you, I presume you are wanting to join these people?
Avingancaeminha: I am Avingancaeminha. You may call me Avingancaeminha.
Kaddim-sul: I am
Buron: Well then, I extend to you the same offer I gave them, would you like to join our resistance?
Kaddim-sul: Well that’s a mouthful, but pleased to make your acquaintance Avingahcaeminha
Avingancaeminha nods in response.
Avingancaeminha: It is in a language not of this world. It means “Vengeance is mine.”
Kaddim-sul: Yes, Buron, I would love to join your resistance, I do not trust these invaders and would stand against them in defense of your city
Jian: A wise choice. It will be good to have more allies in the fight.
Avingancaeminha: I hope you will stick around a little more longer than our otherr companions.
Jian: They felt they would be of better use somewhere else.
Avingancaeminha scoffs.
Kaddim-sul: I shall stick around so long as I live upon this plane
Jian: Is your plane linked with what has affected teleportation here?

They continue to get aqauinted with the Genasi, and spend the rest of the night talking. It is late in the afternoon and the party hear a loud rumbling. The sound comes from a room next to the heroes bunk room.

Buron rushes in, carrying a lantern. He peers into the room and backs away quickly, ashen-faced. He turns to the heroes.
Buron: The temple was built on top of an ancient crpyt, and now it appears the bombing has disturbed even the dead. Quickly, I need your help!
Kaddim-sul: Don’t tell me… bad right?
Avingancaeminha: What is wrong, human?
Kaddim-sul: Draw my sword and rush to see what’s happening
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Sounds like a pleasan nuff job.
Ursa: Bloodyhell, BUron! You look like you done seen a ghost.
Avingancaeminha follows Buron.
Ursa follows.
Jian startled by Buron’s shout, jumps in the air and shifts. She then flies after the others as they follow him.
Kaddim-sul: Looking around the area, I amp up my glow a bit to add some light to the area.
You enter the room and find that it is completely dark.
The light from the Genasi is bright enough to see the room clearly, and see what is inside it.

As they enter the crypt they see Dwarven skeletons nearby crypts, they immediately begin fighting. The fight lasts a while and proves to be the toughest fight yet, with the skeletons almost killing the party, however Buron occasionally storms into the crypt and heals the party from near death. After much strife and near death attacks, the party finally defeat the dwarves and begin searching the crypt.

After winning the battle, the heroes return up to the safehous to find that a major storm is helping to stop the Ragesian siege.

You leave the crypt and return to the safe house. After the battle, the safe house begins to fill with people. Other then the news of the broken crypt, the main conversation is about the luck of such a major storm. The wyverns cannot fly in it and it seriously hampers the Ragesian siege. Most are fearful that this delay will only make the attack more brutal, and they expect that another bombing run will be made as soon as the wyverns can fly again.

Torrent returns later in the evening and she and the party begin talking about the days events.

Torrent returns late in the evening, covered in a thick layer of snow. She warms herself by the fire while drying off.
Torrent calls over to you
Torrent: Tell me of the events that transpiered today, what happened with the terrorists, and what happened here?
Jian flaps over and lands on the back of a nearby chair.
Avingancaeminha: We killed dead things.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: You want to know? well you should have came along and helped
Jian shifts and is sitting in the chair backwards, arms resting on the back of the chair.
Jian: We eliminated the white wyrm cell.
Torrent: I was not here, I was busy investigating Shaelis and Gabels school, of which I shall tell you about in a moment.
Avingancaeminha looks at Wolfbane, shocked at his brazen declaration, yet in total agreement.
Kaddim-sul: sits by the fire to get warm
Jian: They had a letter on them. Erdan Menahs has been marked for death.
Torrent: Erdan Menash? Hmm, this could be a good thing for us, that information will definitely help our chances of getting out of the city.
Jian: They were waiting for a signal and then that cell was assigned with the task of creating a diversion. There may be other diversionary cells, and the cell actual responsible for the hit is still out there.
Avingancaeminha: How so, female?
Wolfbane Moonshadow take out scimitar in the fire
Torrent: Is it not obvious?
Kaddim-sul: Erdan Menash, I have heard that name mentioned about the city
Avingancaeminha: Not especially.
Jian: I believe the letter was simply signed with an M.
Torrent: He is marked for death by the Ragesians, so he could help us get out of the city as he bears no love for them.
Jian: More recently we were sent to engage a particularly nasty undead infestation. If Buron hadn’t helped us, we likely would not be here now.
Kaddim-sul: Ah, so we will trade information for a way out of the city.
Ursa: I see what you did there, Torrent.
Ursa grins
Torrent looks at Ursa
Torrent: Who are you?
Jian finishes her report of events and shifts back into her more comfortable form.
Torrent: I have seen you around, but I do not recall meeting you.
Avingancaeminha: We seem to lost companions at an alarming rate, female.
Ursa: Freelance City Watch. Ursa the Bear Keeper.
Torrent: That is sad new indeed, but this is a tough mission, and sometimes losses will be inevitable.
Torrent: It is good to have you with us Ursa.
Torrent looks at Kaddim
Avingancaeminha: True, but not all losses were form deaths. You apparently saddled us with cowards.
Torrent: And who are you?
Ursa: He’s just sme hothead we picked up…
Kaddim-sul: I am Kaddim-sul, recently thrust here from the Elemental Chaos and helping out as best I can
Torrent: Very well, it is good to have you two with us. You know of our mission I trust?
Kaddim-sul: Some of it yes, I have observed you for the past day
Jian: CaCaaw!
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Aka the human torch
Avingancaeminha: We had only a short time to discuss the missions before Buron sent us to our deaths.
Torrent: Good, in that case I shall move onto the main topic, and the reason I left you.
Rivereye sees you and walks over to you, and joins you by the fire.
Torrent: I have been gathering information about our friend Shaelis, who rivereye is convinced that Shaelis has possession of the case that we need. She will escape when the tunnel the wisp talked of is completed.
Avingancaeminha: And when will that be?
Torrent: Shaelis is a formidable foe. She is one of the most promising wizards at Gabels school. Shaelis Amluril is celebrating her recent elevation to paragon status. She has her own apartment at the school and is actively researching the problem with teleporation.
Torrent: She is not well liked however, except by the headmaster, Gabel. One wizard in particular, Dioganes, has an exceptional disgust, apparently engendered by shaelis’s impropriety in using a solon familiar.
Torrent: I am quite impressed by his sarcasm, and the fine cut of his blue robe.
Torrent: I do not know when the tunnel will be completed, but it will be soon.
Avingancaeminha: This Dioganes sunds like our best option for accessing Shaelis. How do we find him?
Kaddim-sul: Interesting
Torrent: He will be at gabel’s school.
Ursa: Oy, really?
Kaddim-sul: If they are both at the school, perhaps that is the best place for us to find them
Torrent: Retreiving the case is our utmost priority. Me and Rivereye will seek out some help from an old sorcerer that rivereye knew from his days in the imperial palace. The semi-retired gentleman is sympathetic to the resistance and may help to wrest the case from Shealis before she can escape.
Torrent: I must warn you, try not to get in a conflict with Shealis. She is strong and will be a tough opponent.
Ursa: I don’t wanna go near that place. Their magic gives me the creeps
Torrent: It would be best to try and convince her to help us.
Pookah snorts
Kaddim-sul: Do you think if she went to so much trouble to get the case she would give it to us?
Avingancaeminha: The fire man makes sense.
Ursa rolls her eyes at Pookah. “No Pookah, that isn’t a challenge. We don’t have to kill every strong opponent we meet.”
Torrent: She does not work for Ragesia, she might think that we are tring to get the case for Ragesia. She is working in the best interest of the shahalesti.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Convince?….More like make.
Avingancaeminha: This woman is not likely to simply hand over somethign she worked so hard to obtain.
Torrent: It would be in her best interests to aid us.
Kaddim-sul: That it would, we must find a way to MAKE her see it our way
Avingancaeminha: And how do we convince her of that?
Torrent: Ragesia and shahalesti are on the verge of war.
Kaddim-sul: Perhaps if we can prove our cause aligns with hers?
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Who said have it over? It’s so much more fun to take it why your in t he shadows.
Kaddim-sul: Puts his hand into the fire and pulls out a coal holding it for a moment before making it burst into flame
Kaddim-sul: Two forces working in the same direction can make more fire than two forces opposed
Torrent: However, we shall leave this for tomorrow. Me and rivereye will be leaving again tonight, we hope to return mid-morning tomorrow with the sorcerer with us.
Torrent: I encourage you all to get a good nights rest, tomorrow will be a tough day for you.
Kaddim-sul: Rest would be good, I am a bit burnt out
Avingancaeminha: As am I.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Oh Torrent…Just so you know….your lazy as hell!
Torrent: I think you should retract your statement. I have been working hard to gather information. If I had not done then you would be delving in blind tomorrow.
Torrent: I had thought that you would be capable of handling yourselves, please tell me I am not wrong.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: What ever make you sleep at night
Kaddim-sul: Research is important, so my mother said. If we fail to learn from history, we fail to learn at all
Avingancaeminha: I am sure he is just weary, as we all are.
Torrent: Then your mother is wise.
At her words torrent stands up.
Torrent: As I have said, I shall be leaving tonight, I hope to be back by mid-morning tomorrow, please get a good nights rest.
Riverye also stands up
Then the two bid there ferewells and leave the safe house.
Kaddim-sul: Farewell

The party then head to their rooms and rest for the night.

Death of a friend

The battle rages on at the warehouse, with the Pseudo dragon and storm mage joining the Frey the fight has gotten tougher, the party manage to defeat the last remaining bandits, but not before the storm mage fires a burst of magic that knocks Apothem to the ground, combined with the drake who infects him with a deadly poison, every attempt to heal him fails as the poison knocks him down again. After the fight concludes, the mages magic and the dragons poison is too much, and Apothem lies dead on the ground.

As the drake dies, he explodes into a poison cloud, infecting those around him with a deadly poison, knocking Jian to the ground as well, however the party stabilise him and stop the poison before It can affect them further. After the battle, the party seem to ignore their dead companion, and turn instead to searching the warehouse.

Adronus attends to Jian.
Avingancaeminha: Is the teifling alive?
Jian sits up and sucks in a breath then immediately starts coughing up phlegm the poison created. Jian: Thank you.
Jian: We should look around.
Aldalphus: ok
Jian stands up.
Jian shifts and flies over to look at what is on the table.
Avingancaeminha moves through the warehouse, checking out some of the crates as he goes.
You notice a room that you did not notice before, you enter it and find a chest inside it.
Aldalphus: Chest here!!
Jian flies up a ways to avoid any nasty surprises the chest may have.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Its safe

White wyrm letter

The party finds and opens a chest, inside they find documents and notes signed by a mysterious M, one in particular stand out to them. Stating that the Councilman Erdan Menash is the target of the terrorist cell.

Aldalphus: lets us leave this place
Jian: Caw!
Avingancaeminha: We should consult with Torrent, see if she knows of this Erdan Menash.
Adronus: We should probably get out of here.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Let’s get the hella outta this place the dragon has released his blows on the final blow of my blade
Aldalphus: Lets go
Aldalphus: Burn the body
Adronus flies over and lands on Apothem, “Caw! Caw!”
Wolfbane Moonshadow: I am going to piss on him!
Avingancaeminha: You humans have strange rituals for yoiur dead.
Avingancaeminha: But do what you must.
Aldalphus: Burns the body and says final prayer

The party spends some time burning the body of Apothem, and then leave the warehouse, on their way they meet a strange woman riding on a bear her name is Ursa.

You spend a few minutes burning the body of your dead companion, and after saying your final prayers and goodbyes, you leave the warehouse. As you walk back to the safe house, you come across a strange woman riding atop a bear.
Avingancaeminha: Look at the strange woman riding a bear.
Aldalphus: That is something you don’t see every day
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Who the hell is that???
Ursa: Oy, what you lot doin way out ‘ere then?
Adronus flies up and circles the bear lady once to get a good look at her.
Jian flies up and circles the bear lady once to get a good look at her.
Ursa nudges a massive brown bear closer towards the party, levelling a staff towards them.
Ursa: Oy! I ask’d you lot a question.
Adronus: Who are you to question us?
Adronus reaches for his sword and then looks extremely confused when he can’t find it.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Lookin for this!!!
Adronus: What the…
Aldalphus: Perhaps we should be about our business
Ursa: This be restricted area it iz.
Aldalphus: Nods to the woman and the large bear,
Ursa: By orda or the Gate Pass Militia
Aldalphus: Good day mam, we are on our way
Avingancaeminha: Who are you?
Ursa: Ursa, Freelance Sergeant of the Gate Pass Militia.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: And what do you want?
Ursa: They hire me to patrol this area.
Adronus: Give that back! I didn’t not sign up for this. I’m demanding a transfer as soon as we get back. Damn thieves.
Aldalphus: We are but humble travelers, seaking to leave the city before we are caught by the war
Avingancaeminha: I was not aware that the militia took on freelance members.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Aww don’t cry Adronus…just shut up!
Ursa: They can’t afford to spare soldiers this far out with the army bearing down.
Ursa: So they hire freelancers from the area to act on their behlaf.
Owlbear begins to sniff around Jian.
Ursa: Pookah! Down!
Ursa: So, give me a reason I should report you lot as suspicious.
Aldalphus: Can you escort us out of the city?
Ursa: Fool Dragonborn. Gate Pass is on lock down.
Jian: Report away we have the same boss I’m assuming.

As they are talking, another man wearing the uniform of the city militia joins the talk.

Aldalphus: An Army is bearing down on you, do you think anyone will care?
Millitia: Harrasing the locals again are we Ursa?
Ursa: Ayup. This lot is wantin to leave the city.
Millitia: Now why would they be wanting to do that then?
Aldalphus: Nodds his head
Ursa shrugs
Aldalphus: We wish to be clear of the invasion
Ursa: Pookah thinks that one over there is a bit flighty.
Millitia takes a closer look at them
Ursa points her staff towards Jian
Millitia: Hey now, I saw you guys leaving that temple nearby earlier, sure of it.
Aldalphus: Likely
Wolfbane Moonshadow: And what if you did?
Avingancaeminha: We did. What of it?
Ursa: Baloo, isn’t sure what to think just yet.
Aldalphus: The you can imagine what type of business we are on
Millitia: For the resistance I presume? Not that I know much about them of course.
Aldalphus: The less you know, and all that.
Pookah squints at the Militia guard.
Aldalphus: Can you have this lady and the bear escort us to the wall?
Ursa: Do I look like some kind of tour guide?
Millitia: Sorry, No can do that mr dragonborn. The city’s gates are locked, and if I see you near them, I’ll have to arrest you.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Arrest you say? HA!
Aldalphus: Well we dont want that do we.
Aldalphus: How about this, get us an escort to the wall and let us handle getting out.
Millitia: Sorry sir, no can do, it’s more then my jobs worth.
Avingancaeminha: Why would you wish to keep us locked within this city f we desire to leave?
Aldalphus: Perhaps delaying us may be as well friend
Ursa: Look, I’ll come with you to the wall if only to make sure you’re not trying to flee the city.
Ursa: Like I said before, we’re on lockdown.
Ursa: And while we travel, you can tell me exactly why it is you want out.
Millitia: Now, that’s none of your business I say, now run a long back to the temple. Ursa here will accompany you back, make sure you don’t run off to the wall.
Aldalphus: Thats funny, lol, Yes come with us to the wall
Avingancaeminha: (aside to Aldalphus) We are going to have to lose her, if we are to make it to the mage’s school.
Baloo begins to sniff the air in your general direction
Aldalphus: Looks at the Lady and The Bear
Aldalphus: She may want to help, we can use her
Millitia: Now then, why would you be wanting to see the mages? You ragesian spies?
Aldalphus: She is of a good heart, I can tell
Wolfbane Moonshadow: I say make a run for it!
Jian: Love potions.
Jian bats her eyes dreamily at Adronus.
Ursa swuints her eyes at Jian
Adronus takes a step away from Jian.
Ursa: Really? I’ve been seeing this big burly hunk of a man at the tavern. I could use a love potion myself…
Millitia: Love potions huh? Well if you went to the school, I guess they’d have some, can’t see why you’d want one though.
Ursa glares at the Militia Guard
Jian: We should probably be off.
Ursa: Sometimes a lady needs to pad their virtues if you know what I mean.
Millitia: Aye, that you best, like I said. Ursa here will accompany you back to the temple, make sure you aint up to no funny business.

Finally, the party make their way back to the temple, and find that Torrent has not yet returned, as soon as they arrive Adronus walks off in a huff after having his sword stolen earlier.

Later, Buron talks to the party and invites them to join the resistance.

Buron: Your actions have been of great service to the resistance. If you desire to ally with our cause, you would be welcome. Your passion has become an inspiration to us all and we would be the richer if you joined our ranks. Many speak so highly of you, that I think they would follow you into the depths of the demons’ hells!
Ursa: The guard don’t pay well enough right now. I’ll join if we can keep the spoils.
Buron: Course you can, anything you find is yours to keep. I’m not sure I’ve met you yet miss?
Ursa: I’ve three hungry mouths to feed.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: If I join whats in it for me?
Avingancaeminha: Your loyalties are not fixed, female. It concerns me that we may not be able to trust you in the future, should somethign better come along.
Buron: If you mean payment? Then we cannot offer you such.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Tell my why I should join then?
Buron: It is your choice, I will not force you. You have already agreed to help torrent, but that does not make you a member of the resistance.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: I will join but…I hope that I don’t regret it
Avingancaeminha: I will join you.

Taking out the terrorists.

During the night, one of the dwarves from the depository gave some information about a terrorist cell working with the Ragesians that are in the area. Both Torrent and Rivereye have been impressed with your skills and abilities, and they recommend you as best able to handle the situation. Torrent and rivereye will not be acompaning you, as Riverye’s cough appears to be pneumonia and he is bed-ridden and Torrent has been assigned to gather information about Gabel’s School, and Shealis in particular.
After a morning of rest, you are all fully refreshed and able to face this new challenge. Torrent’s worry is evident as she prepares to leave with Rivereye. “The dwarf mentioned that the thugs have some awful beast to unleash that strikes and hides like a cat. I assume that they are waiting for some signal to come from the Ragesians, and it will probably be soon.” She then gestures to a nearby table covered with a cloth. “Buron was able to acquire some items and equipment for you this morning. Take them with his blessing – and mine. We’ll see you later this evening.”
ASOP: I will not be going, I am sorry, but I have decided to stay here and help as many people as I can, I feel my services would be best used to help the people of this town.
Avingancaeminha: I understand.
Torrent: Very well, if that is your wish, I wish you well my friend.
Apothem: Didn’t you make a promise to Torrent?
With a passing glance, torrent leaves with rivereye.
Aldalphus: An honourable choice ASOP.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Your just going to up and leave.?
Jian flies over to the gear and starts pulling at the shiniest peices with her beak
Avingancaeminha looks over the gear.
ASOP: This is my decision, and you cannot talk me out of it, these people need me far more then you do on your journey.
Aldalphus moves to inspect the items as well.
Wolfbane Moonshadow tells ASOP latter on and looks at the gear
Avingancaeminha prepares to head out.
Jian shifts and changes out of her old leather armor to put on the new set.
Jian whips her sword out and quickly runs through a kata.
Wolfbane Moonshadow packs his shit and gets set up to head out
Jian: Very very nice. Almost no restriction of movement…light…. Shall we move out?
Jian shits back to bird form

The party finish sorting the gifts, and then prepare to leave the safe house.

After poring over the gifts, you leave soon enough. The streets are slippery from the ice and a chill wind blows from west to east. You are surprised at the devastation the daylight reveals. Along the streets, it appears no building has been spared. Most of the structures have surface damage, but a few have been completely razed and smoke rises lazily from embers and smoldering debris. The odor of burnt wood and stone is cloying. Much of the roadside clutter seems to be decorations for the Festival of Dreams, which was to be celebrated today. A few brave souls wander about, picking up loose junk and chatting with others they meet. The news you overhear is worrisome. A small portion of the Ragesian force made last night’s attack. They were driven back, but the invading army has demanded that a group of Inquisitors be allowed into the city, or the next attack will be more persuasive. Still, despite the devastation, a few bemoan the cancellation of the festival parade.
Avingancaeminha: These humans seem to have their priorities skewed.
Aldalphus: Are we all prepared to go?
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Lest go!
Jian bobs her little crow head, “Cawww!”
Avingancaeminha: Yes, let us deal with the threat sooner rather than later.
You begin your jouney to the warehouse, as you arrive you find a large area with two doors surrounding it

The party come across the warehouse and notice two main entrances. After much deliberation they decide to enter through the south, only to find it’s locked. With some quick hands by Wolfbane, they unlock the door and enter the warehouse.

White Wyrm Bandit: HEy guys! We’re under attack!

Mid-way through the battle, an Elderin bard holding a flute enters through the south door.

Apothem: The hells?
Adronus flips his flute back into a strap on his side readying his crossbow
Adronus: Looks like you lads could use a helping hand
Avingancaeminha: You might say that.

The fight continues on, however, just as the party are about to defeat the last few members,a mountain Pseudo-dragon and storm mage appear, ready to help defeat the party.

Meeting the enemy.

The fight continues to rage on in the depository, the party try and find what is causing the lightning, but too no avail, eventually, the elf escapes to the Depository balcony on the first floor, with Jian hot on his heels. He begins climbing the wall at tremendous speeds, not slowed down by the climb.

Larion continues his climb up to the rooftop, reaching it incredibly quickly.
Jian: He’s up there Tiefling, (growls the last bit) getting AWAY!
You hear the elf running, and he makes an impossible jump of over 30 feet, clearing a 20 foot high fence and landing lightly on the sloped, snowcovered rooftop of a building. He then quaffs a potion, falls off the roof, and floats down to the crowd on the city street below. The wisp solon immediately teleports away.
Aldalphus: Bastads’
Guards immediately swarm the room.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: DAMN!
Guard: Drop your weapons! Sit on the tower floor now!
Torrent immediately drops her weapon to the floor
Aldalphus: Easy now, we were attacked
Jian shifts into bird form and screeches in frustration at the fleeing elf.
Aldalphus: Hooks his hammer on his belt, and raises his hands, but does not sit
Aldalphus: We are on the same side here friend
Guard: I said, drop your weapons! I will hurt you if you do not.
Torrent: We should do as they say.
Jian lands on Apothem’s shoulder as soon as the flames from his latest dimensional jaunt die out.
At your words, the guard calms down.
Aldalphus: My weapon is slung, I’ll have no need of it.
Guard: Please, drop your weapons, we do not want this to end badly.
Aldalphus: For we are on the same side, friend
Apothem drops his weapons.
Avingancaeminha shows that all he has is a simple stick.
Aldalphus: You are with the tower guard?
Aldalphus: Or the city?
ASOP: lays his maul on ground.
Guard: I am a guard of the depository, yes, somebody exited the balcony without prior leave by a guard, also we heard fighting. Drop your weapons and sit quietly, we need to make sure you are not dangerous.
Aldalphus: The gnome, where is he?
Guard: That is of no concern to you at the moment.
Aldalphus: Rivereye, send a man to check on him
Avingancaeminha: It is of some concern, human, as we were meant to meet with the gnome, Rivereye, I believe the name was. The man we were fighting was impersonating him.
Aldalphus: I fear for his safety, please send a man to see if he is well
Guard: Please let us search your belongings, we need to make sure you were not sent here by Ragesia.
Aldalphus: I have nothing to hide, you may search my belongings and person
Guard: We are beginning a search for the gnome now.
The guards begin to search through your belongings, taking everything and putting it onto a pile. Peppens signet ring that torrent had is situated on the top of the pile.
Aldalphus: We has a confrontation with someone claiming to be Rivereye, some sort of elf, or half elf magic user
ASOP: who is Peppens?
Aldalphus: Will not relenquish his hammer
Aldalphus: My hammer is a holy symbol, I will not have it desicrated.
The guards continue their search for rivereye, eventually finding him alive, surrounded by unconscious guards. A half orc is discovered murdered, and rivereye is awakened and unbound, and brought in your presence.
ASOP: So, Torrent, the imposter did not take anything from you?
The guards seem unsure of what to do, but Rivereye notices the signet ring on the pile of belongings and scans the party carefully. With some hesitation, he asks for the code phrase, with torrent freely recites. Rivereye then hails you as his saviours and explains to the guards what has happened. Satisfied that you are in the clear, they give you their leave, and begin the grim task of removing their deceased colleague from the tower.
Avingancaeminha stands silently imposing, watching everything.
Rivereye sits on the floor and calls for you to join him.
Rivereye: Come, grab your belongings and join me.
Avingancaeminha joins the gnome, but does not sit.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: About damn time!
Aldalphus: Gathers his gear and follows
Apothem leans against a nearby wall, picking at his fingernails with the tip of one of his blades.
Rivereye: So, Peppin is gone
Rivereye: The loss is great in my eyes, though I fear few would agree. Life has become so cheap in these dark days. As a servant in the imperial palace, I saw things that put all faith in a good future to the test. Oh! How I wish the Inquisitors had not enslaved my lips and hands to never reveal what I know.
Rivereye: But I realized others could see what I know! That is why you are here tonight. That case is valuable because it contains all of what I cannot say. It must be retrieved and sent to Lyceum!
Jian bobs its little bird head around cocking it this way and that to watch the happenings in the room.
Aldalphus: We have agreed to take it there
Rivereye: I managed to convince that imposter, that the case was trapped. I am not positive, as I do not understand the elf language, but I belive the rogue you encountered is named Larion. I also heard the Solon talking with three eldarin. The thieves have a contact at Gabel’s scool, a shalasti eldarin named Shealis.
Rivereye: At one pont the solon said the following.
Rivereye: The escape tunnel to the Singing Chasm is a week away from completion. Our mission will be done soon and we can return to Shahalesti with all we have gathered. Shealis is more difficult now that she is near the end of all this. I hope this information will make her happy.
Apothem: It would seem that the Regians are the least of our troubles now.
Rivereye: I suppose I should discribe the case for you, it is black metal, about a foot long and wide, and half a foot deep, made of, I think, adamantine, with a lock.
The gnome realizes something while talking.
Rivereye points to a cloak and belt nearby.
Rivereye: The imposter left this cloak and belt behind as he prepared for your arrival. He traded them out for mine, I suspect, to make his disguise more convincing. They’re a little large for me and it seems that you might benefit more from them than I.
The gnome chuckles with a mean grin, and starts a coughing fit that makes it clear the gnome’s strength is flagging. Torrent recommends taking shelter in a nearby temple, under which is one of the resistance’s many safe houses.
“Thank you my lady,” splutters the weary gnome.
Rivereye: A good rest will prepare us for the task tomorrow, and help me recover my wits. I hope that all of you are willing to go to Gabal’s school and help me regain the information from the Shahalesti. They have no business interfering with all this. Will you join with me on the morrow?

After a moment of distributing the items, and agreeing to join Rivereye, the party then leave the depository, in search of the temple safe house.

The streets are nearly empty, as most of the citizens have found shelter. The night is cold and the sky glows from the many fires still raging throughout the city. But all is not quiet. High above, the screech and roar of battle fills the air as the Gate Pass griffon riders clash with Ragesian wyverns.
Looking up after a particularly loud screech, you see the shape of a bat-winged creature collide with a griffon rider. Both combatants flip from the impact, nearly throwing their riders off as they begin a fast descent towards the ground below. You can hear the sound of their collision. Somehow the griffon rider recovers himself and turns west towards the main battle, but the other creature, still screeching, plummets into the roof of a low building directly in front of your path.
Instantly the din of battle is replaced with the clatter of falling timber and tile. For a few seconds an eerie calm surrounds the building. Then a woman’s bloodcurdling scream echoes down the street and is suddenly stopped. The cry of a child starts as well, and continues.

Aldalphus: Feels compelled to see to the wellbeing of the child
Avingancaeminha: The futility of this war is troubling.
Aldalphus: War is always such
Apothem: AZh, but where there’s war, there is profit.
Apothem grins widely.
Aldalphus: Shrugs
Wolfbane Moonshadow: I second that!
Torrent: Hurry, to the building, we must help!
Aldalphus: Bahamut teachs us to do good and help when you can
Aldalphus: Readys his hammer and follows close behind
Apothem: That may be, but does your dear Bahamut also tell you that for your efforts, you often will catch a blade in the back?
Apothem: But as you wish, dragonborn. Lead on.
Aldalphus: Actually, he lists that as an absolute certianty
Apothem: And would still adhere that faith?
Apothem shakes his head in disbelief.
Torrent rushes towards the building.
Apothem: You are either very naieve, or you truely believe. Either one will get you killed.
Aldalphus: Bahamut has given me much, my death is the least I can do to repay him
Wolfbane Moonshadow: If Bahamut told you to jump off a clif would you?
When you see the half-orc, he thrusts the child infront of him and clumsily places his axe blade across the youth’s throat. With a choking, slightly gurgling voice, he demands you let him leave.
Aldalphus: Points his hammer as Wolfbane,
Flaganut Mortus: Let me go, or the child will perish!
Aldalphus: Do not be an ASS!!
Aldalphus: Put the youngling down and I will let you leave here
Flaganut Mortus: No, I will be taking him, to make sure you don’t pull anything! Like I said, let me go,or he dies.
Aldalphus: YOu will kill him anyway, put him down and leave or die where you stand
Flaganut Mortus: Fine, have it your way.
Aldalphus: Moves to attack
He cuts the boys throat and thrusts him towards you, torrent rushes to his aid.
Flaganut Mortus: Right then, at least my mates won’t have to worry about you anymore.
Aldalphus: charges
Torrent: Take care of him! I shall take care of the boy

After throwing the boy to the party, torrent immediately takes him to one side and tries to heal him, the party swiftly heading to take care of the Half-orc.

Avingancaeminha: The half-orc is foolish. Killing its only bargaining chip… poor tactics.
Torrent: He is already hurt from the fall, it should not take much to defeat him.

The fight is over before it really begins, the party lock the Half-orc down, killing him before he is able to deal any serious damage to the party. The party rush to see the fate of the boy.

Torrent: I am sorry, there is nothing we can do, the boy is dead.
Aldalphus: Shakes his head,
Torrent: The boy succumed to his wounds, nothing I could do would help.
Aldalphus: What a waste
Avingancaeminha: That is unfortunate.
Torrent: Search that bastards body, there might be something you can use.
Aldalphus: Let us continue on our task

After searching the body and taking his armour, the party leave the destroyed house and finally reach the temple, where the resistance safe house is located.

Torrent guides you to a nearby temple of the order of the Aquiline Cross, devoted to the a god of healing, and also devoted to Bahamut. She says it is a gathering place for resistance members.
The temple is packed with at least a hundred nervous people, all squeezed into a 40-foot circular prayer chamber and adjacent rooms. Many are nervously relating rumors of how the battle at the main gates is going. Children cry, and priests tend to numerous injuries from fire, stampeding crowds, or violent looters. People are scared and demoralized. Priests go between the wounded, tending them as best they can, their healing capability all expended.
Aldalphus: Stands infront of the crowd
Aldalphus: Bahamut commands us to be brave in the face of danger!!
Torrent leads you to an ornate door behind the altar area and opens it. Stairs leading down into a crypt are guarded by two large half-orcs. The underground area contains supplies and weapons for the Gate Pass resistance. Rivereye, coughing almost nonstop, is immediately taken to the infirmary.
Apothem: Sorry, mate. It don’t look liek they’re buyin’ it.
You are guided by resistance members to a small room with a few sleeping pallets,and then they show you the common area and kitchen. The living spaces are makeshift, but function well. You are introduced to a man named Buron, and other resistance members, and are then told to get some rest for the morning.
Aldalphus: I ask you, if you are a person of ability, do not fear, take what arms you have and join the battle. To wait in fear is the way to darkness, to walk in the light we must be bold in action

The party decides to rest for the night, with Aldalphus and ASOP both doing their best to help the wounded.

On the road to the Depository.

After the battle in the Poison Apple Pub,

Torrent decides that it would be good to rest up before heading to the depository, as you do so you see what has happened in the city, the bombing ended within minutes, but you hear that a battle has started at the nearby west wall of Gate pass. You see townsfolk rushing past you trying to put our fires, or get into shelter. Soldiers are hurrying to their posts, slowed by the throng and chaos. All the while, bells ring urgant warnings up and down the mountain pass.

Torrent: Now that we are rested, we should head swiftly to the depository in the next ward.
Avingancaeminha: Indeed. Lead on, female.

As the heroes begin their journey to the depository, they are quick to find a badly burned old man, who is huddling with three children and carrying a women. The paladin Aldalphus is quick to head to their aid.

Aldalphus: Ho there, human. What help do you need?
Rensar points to his burn wounds
Avingancaeminha: Hold, Torrent. The dragonborn wishes to aid thes ehumans.
Apothem attempts to patch up the man quickjly.
Torrent: Yes, we can spare enough time to help those who are wounded.
You spend time healing the man, managing to patch his and his companions wounds. He showers you to with praise.
Rensar: Thank you! Thousand blessings on you!
Torrent: We should go, unless you wish to help him to shelter./
Apothem: peace be with you, sir. We must depart.
Rensar: Thank you, you have done enough! We shall make our own way to shelter nearby.
Avingancaeminha: May your gods protect you, human.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Get your ass inside befor you get hurt again!

After helping the old man, they depart to continue their journey, but are soon stopped again by a screaming women, and a cluster of bystanders looking up towards a burning building. The party also looks up, and notices a women who looks like she is about to jump from the building.

Torrent: She looks like she’s about to jump, we must do something to help!

Aldalphus is the first to rush to her aid, entering the burning building but is stopped in his tracks by the fire, too hot to continue on. Following this, Jian decides to fly up to the woman in bird form.

Jian flies up to the window and through and shifts, landing softly on the floor.
Jian reaches into her pack and pulls out a rope.
Aldalphus: runs out of the building
The girl looks at you and screams even more.
Jian: Calm down, I’m trying to help you.
Jian: Is there anything i can tie this to?
Jian ties the rope around the woman’s waist.
The girl continues to look at you and screams and loses her balence. Almost falling.
Jian grabs her arm to steady her.
Avingancaeminha: The bird girl has pushed the female.
Apothem jostles into position to try to help catch her.
Torrent: Do you have a blanket? We could use that to catch her!
Jian braces herself against the window and tries to slowly lower the girl down.
Aldalphus: yes!!

After Jian begins to slowly lower the girl, his strength fails him, dropping the rope and sending the poor woman plummeting to her death, however due to quick thinking by the party, by grabbing a blanket, and some show of strength, she is saved from the fall, and quickly runs off scared, not even bothering to thank the party.

Aldalphus: Bahamut!!! Grant me strength!!!!
The girl plumets into your blanket, and you manage to hold tight, saving her from the fall.
She gets off the blanket and runs away, scared.
Avingancaeminha: You’re welcome!
Jian summersalts out the window plumeting toward the ground and shifting into a raven ten feet from the ground. She flies over to the group and then shifts back to a human form.
ASOP: show off
Aldalphus: We should hurry on our way.
Avingancaeminha: Lead on, Torrent.

Only a block away looms the gate that leads to the next district, and your destination, the depository. The press of people is considerable as they flee eastward, and the passage is too narrow to allow easy exit from the western ward.
As you push on, screams begin to erupt from the north. At first, they are far away, but slowly, like a wave rolling onto the shore, the panic grows and moves southward. A soldier patrolling the gate wall suddenly jumps with a curdling scream into the crowd and disappears from your view.
You think you still hear his screams go on a moment and then stop, but you can’t be sure; his plight is quickly eclipsed when less than a dozen feet from you, men, women and children begin to wail.

The party is suddenly engulfed by fear, with everyone except the Invoker running around in fear, after a minute of fear, the party finally settle down, and continue on to the depository. A few of the party notice something in the sky during the chaos.

Avingancaeminha: By the Abyss, what is that?!

Avingancaeminha: I do not know what that creature was, but it seems you weaker-minded creatures were under its sway.
Aldalphus: Aye, for a short time.
Torrent: If you are all quite finished running around like idiots, we should proceed to the depository.
Jian: There was some huge creature flying through the air. Whoever its shadow touched seemed to be engulfed by panic.
Campaign saved.
Aldalphus: Let us move from here before it makes its return
Wolfbane Moonshadow: um…yeah..
Avingancaeminha: Agreed.
Jian shifts again (she really doesn’t like to risk getting her lovely white ninja outfit white by walking around in human form)
ASOP: Does that mean I really have a mind and a soul? This is amazing news. Praise be to Muamman Duathal!!! In the highest!!!

Continuing on, the party meets an old man who is frantically looking for his baby named Kiki.

To your left, you hear a well-dressed man calling out in a plaintive voice, “Kiki, please come out, it’s fine now! Please, Kiki!”
Apothem: What seems to be the matter here?
Apothem: Did I hear someone say they wanted to have a kiki?
As you get closer,the man turns, his eyes brimming and runs towards you, crying “Please, will you help me find my baby?”
Aldalphus: Where is the child?
Avingancaeminha looks around confused.
ASOP: What manner of creature is this Kiki? And where was it last?
Avingancaeminha: It is a wonder you get anything accomplished, when you stop for every little thing instead of focusing on the mission before you.
Aldalphus: We must complete the tasks that are set before us
Jian: Caw!
Aldalphus: Tell me, where is the baby?
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Whats this kid of yours look like?
ASOP: Few are afforded thousands of lifetimes, you walking paperweight.
Avingancaeminha: If we must, as it seems the woman Torrent wishes us to lend aid.
Corian: Kiki is my pet dire weasel! Please my house was struck by a bomb, and though the building did not burn, the sound of the thunderstone spooked my poor kiki, causing her to flee. I am worried, she is usually friendly, but she might injure someone if not caught soon, please find my baby!
Torrent: We do not have time to find a pet… Dire weasel, we should continue on!
Avingancaeminha eyes flare brighter, the only visible manifestation of its anger.
Corian: Please! I beg of you!
Apothem: ok, ok, I’ll take a look.
Aldalphus: You should have better control over such a beast, I think we should move on
Corian waves to the north, telling you that Kiki ran off in that direction.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: I have no time to look for your pet…be gone I say
Avingancaeminha: Really? Whatever happened to “we must complete the tasks that are set before us?”
Jian: Caw!
Torrent: This is a waste of time, if you decide to search I will have no part in it.
Apothem: I think that means, find Kiki in bird speak.
ASOP: I am unconcerned about the pet, I am concerned for the innocents it might harm.
Aldalphus: ILl tell you this, if we come across the animal, we will make sure that it does not harm anyone. If we can keep from harming the beast we will.
Jian looks at Apothem and bobs her head up and down
ASOP: heads north
Aldalphus: Calls after the warforged
Aldalphus: Wait we will be comming shorly
Aldalphus: Don’t split the party!!!!
ASOP: Dire weasels grow to be up to 10 feet long and can reach a weight of 700 pounds.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: I do need new boots….
Avingancaeminha: If we see the creature, the most we can do is keep it from harming more of these humans.
ASOP: we would know this is not a normal pet and other people are at danger
ASOP: If we have to put this “pet” down, then so be it. This area has seen enough death, carnage, and turmoil to allow a frightened dire weasel to rampage.
Corian: Please! Help me! I will pay you!
Aldalphus: Let us be serious here, I say that if we come across this beast then we deal with it, but we must be on our way.
Avingancaeminha: Yes, you will.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: What Aldlphus said…
Aldalphus: Grumbles
Aldalphus: sigh, so be it. I do not wish to split the fellowship

After this the party sets out in search of Kiki, finding him near a sewage drain. After a few moments of chasing the dire weasel like Benny Hill, Kiki finally escapes through the drain, lost to the party, however their efforts were not in vain, as they found a box containing a few items of value and some gold.

You almost catch it, but it slips through your grasp and goes into the drain, and unfortunately manages to squeeze through before anyone else can get to it. However as you look in the drain, you see a small box half-buried in the muck, it looks as if it has been there for a while and could contain something..
Aldalphus: If i get my hands on Kiki I may just eat it
Avingancaeminha: It was a waste of our time to begin with, I fear. Our time would have better served elsewhere.
ASOP: starts to walk back to Corian to punch him in the throat.
Jian pulls out some more food and sets it down in the hole. “Good luck Kiki.”
Aldalphus: Well, I am called to help others and do good where I can, but I do hate wasteing percious time. Let us be on our merry way.
Apothem reaches for the box
Avingancaeminha: I have never understood the need for these humans to keep small creatures as pets. It seems quite pointless.
Aldalphus: Moves to interviene
Aldalphus: Easy there!!!
Apothem fiddles with the lid of the box to see what is inside.
Aldalphus: We ahve wasted enough time
You reach for the box and open it, inside you see a potion, as well as a Dagger, and 30 gp. You also see a gold ring with an amethyst engraved.
Aldalphus: Let us be on our way friend

Apothem: let’s go break the bad news to Kiki’s owner.
Aldalphus: Can we continue on our way now, or are there any more idiotic task sthat need to be performed?
Jian shifts and finds her perch on Torrent
You head back to Corian to brake the news to him.
Corian: How could you?! You let Kiki escape you bastards! You are the most incompitant people I have ever met, can’t even catch a weasel!
Torrent: I know you are angry, I am too, but we cannot be attacking an innocent man.
ASOP: You do not lead us on a chase under false pretenses of others being at risk of harm.
Corian runs away in haste.
ASOP: finds something to throw at his ass.
Avingancaeminha: The human is hardly in the position to call other incompetant, seeing as it was his imcompetance that allowed the creature to break free to begin with.
Torrent: We have wasted enough time, we should go.
Aldalphus: I agree.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: What kind of man can’t even teep track of his pet!!
ASOP: Yes, I shall remember his name and face and will bring pain to him later.

After leaving the fleeing Corion, the party finally reach the Depository.

You see the dark needle of the Depository Tower long before the guarded gate appears along the roadway. Now as you come to the massive iron gates, four well-armed guards, three orcs and a dwarf snap to greater attention and prepare for a challenge. In a respectful voice, the dwarf asks for the required owner’s key, which Torrent produces. He and the other guards visibly relax.
“The riots have us all on edge, please forgive our harsh diligence,” the dwarven guard says as he tests the key on a special lock plate. He hands it back mechanically when the latch opens. Placing his lips against the opening, he whispers something and the large cog- work gears on the sides of the gates rumble and turn. In a moment, the way is open and one of the orc guards clumsily gestures a welcome for all to enter.
As you pass in, the chaos of the city disappears. Untouched as yet by the Ragesian bombs, a beautifully tended garden wends its way past splendid fountains. The left basin recalls elemental spirits of local legend — a dragon, a worm, a kraken and an eagle — while a statue of Emperor Coaltongue posing with a torch held high dominates the one on the right. The torch glows as if lit by a neverending flame.
You count four other guards patrolling the grounds, dwarves and orcs again, and continue towards the large double iron doors that are the only entrance to the central structure. Once again, Torrent’s key is used and the orc guard speaks a secret phrase to gain entrance.
“There’re guards inside,” the orc politely says, with a gruff and graveled voice; his smile looks like a grimace. “So be careful and don’t accidentally open the wrong locker. There are lanterns here for light.” With a chuckle, he adds, “You’ll regret them if you meets up with the ugly gnome in there now.”

The first floor of the tower is one huge room, and though the far side is hidden in shadows, it looks to be about sixty feet in diameter. A broad stone ramp circles clockwise upward to the left of the door, while the interior of the room is filled with aisles of metal lockers, each slightly larger than a coffin propped upright. Squat round columns twenty feet high support the ceiling.
Avingancaeminha: Strange tower.
You notice a gnome looking down at you, he walks down the ramp and feebly nods at you, coughing.
He complains that he caught a cold on his trip from the Ragesian capital.
Aldalphus: Master Gnome, we would speak with you
Aldalphus: Please come down!
Rivereye sneezes.
“I hear the war outside,” says the gnome between coughs. “Good to be in here. Very safe.” He clumsily turns around and begins to ascend the ramp, “Follow me, Peppin, it is time to conduct our business.”
He begins to walk up the stairs and gestures for you to follow.
Avingancaeminha follows after the ugly leprechaun.
Aldalphus: Looks at the others
Aldalphus: Ill follow as well

He pauses infront one of the many lockers on the floor.
Rivereye: Can I have the password please Peppin?
Torrent: Why are you calling me Peppin? I am Torrent.
Rivereye: I… I… Erm.
Rivereye coughs.
Rivereye: I made a mistake… Obviously!… Erm, wait here please…
Rivereye runs towards the nearby stairs.
Avingancaeminha: The gnome is suddenly surprisingly spry…
Wolfbane Moonshadow: I think he was fakein!
Rivereye: Oh fine, you caught me!
Rivereye suddenly his appearance begins to shift, he grows and you see elf like ears.
Avingancaeminha: I have never seen a gnome do that before.
Torrent: I would suggest we not use magic! This place has defense against it!

The party begins to fight the elf, however all the elf wants to do is run from them and escape.

Avingancaeminha: Not the most corageous fellow, is he?
Torrent: He obviously means to escape, we should chase after him!
Avingancaeminha: Toerrent, what is going on with your friend?
Wolfbane Moonshadow: He ran home to mommy!
Torrent: That was not rivereye, he was obviously an imposter.
ASOP: Does he have your key?
Torrent: I not know, we should hurry before he escapes, enough chatter!

As the elf gets up to the higher floor, he is joined by a Wisp Solon.

The chase continues, however, the Invoker decides to ignore Torrents advice, and uses magic to help them, this causes the tower’s defences to activate. However the defences are malfunctioning and not working as they are intended, only shooting a single blast of lightning out of the walls.

The Adventure Begins.

The adventure begins, in a small closed tavern in Gate Pass, the owner of which having been arrested by the City Guard for unspecified reasons. A group of misfit heroes: Aldalphus, A dragonborn Paladin; Apothem, Tiefling Assassin from Ostilin; ASOP, Warforged Runepriest created by Dundard Stoddard; Avingancaeminha, A Shardmind Invoker; Wolfbane Moonshadow, An Elven rogue belonging to the thieves guild; and Jian Wu-Ming, An Hengeyoki Assassin and trusted guardian of Torrent, have each been summoned to the Poison Apple pub to meet a women named Torrent at midnight on new-years.

The pub is a two-story building attached by a rooftop bridge to an abandoned house on the right. The front door and windows are boarded up, and the curtains are drawn. An Official Notice is posted on its door:
“Trehan Finner, owner of the Poison Apple Pub, has been taken into temporary custody under the protection of the city guard, until such time that he can be questioned by representatives of the Ragesian Empire and found innocent of hostile collusion. The Poison Apple Pub is hereby closed until further notice.”

The heroes are quick to knock on the pub door, and are greeted by a women they think to be Torrent, who quickly lets the heroes into the pub and out of the cold night air. As the heroes enter the pub, they are quick to notice that the darkened pub appears empty, its many tables and chairs pushed to one wall and covered with sheets. A single table with enough chairs for everyone sits in the middle of the room. A small oil lamp and a keg sit on top of it, along with several mugs. The heroes are quick to sit around the table and pour themselves a drink.

The woman picks up a mug of beer and speaks. “Good evening, all. My name is [[:torrent|Torrent]. Thanks for coming,” She gestures towards the keg and mugs, and with a warm smile says, “Have a drink. Just because we’re about to go to war doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the New Year.” She then takes a pull of her mug and sits down. For a few minutes, through small talk and friendly banter, the New Year is celebrated.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: drink up!
Apothem ’s tail twitches back and forth as he eyes each of the strangers in the room, sizing them up.
ASOP takes a chair from against the wall and sits down

As they are talking, some of the heroes notice a veriety of distant bells to celebrate the new year in the distance.

Torrent grimaces, straightens in her chair and bitterly sighs.
Torrent: That’s one year gone.
She shakes her head a little, then looks over the table towards you.
Torrent: I guess it’s time to get down to business.
Torrent: The city’s in trouble. The Ragesian army is marching on us, and will most likely be here tomorrow. Before then, we have a mission.
Torrent: I used to study at a magic academy to the south, called Lyceum. They’re good people. So when word reached them about Ragesia’s ‘Scourge,’ they sent out messages calling for anyone fleeing Ragesia to come to them. They want to stand against the Ragesians, and the resistance wants their help. We just need to get a message to them.
Torrent: Normally we would have sent something by teleporting courier, but something strange is going on with planar magic. The last courier who teleported into Gate Pass, well, rumor is that he showed up burnt to a crisp. Not that I have that sort of magic anyway, but if we’re going to talk to Lyceum, we’re going to have to go overland. And that’s a problem, because the city’s walls are sealed.
Torrent: Ever since their emperor died, the Ragesians have been trying to show that they’re not weak, and they’re marching an army in our direction because the mountain pass we’re in is apparently ‘strategically valuable.’ Either way, a few idiots on the city council want to negotiate with the Ragesians, and rumor is they’re going to invite a group of Inquisitors into the city to look for ‘magic-users who are hostile to the empire.’ They’ve sealed the gates of the city so no one can escape, to make sure they look like they’re cooperating, and only military personnel can get in or out.
Jian hops away from Torrent’s should and flies around the room near the bar.
Torrent: We’re going to have to get out of the city, and I’m open to suggestions on how. Once we’re out, I can get us safely to Lyceum, but before we get ahead of ourselves, we have a mission tonight.
Torrent: The short version is that we’ve got to meet a contact — a gnome named Rivereye Badgerface — in about an hour at a guarded depository about a half-mile from here. He’s carrying a case of vital military intelligence which he stole from the Ragesian palace, and the heads of the resistance think that it needs to reach Lyceum. We’ve got to get that case, get out of the city, and get far away from here before the idiot city council lets the Ragesian Inquisitors in. Once that happens, the odds of us escaping are —
She finishes off her mug of beer in one long guzzle.
Torrent: — slim.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: the bells are drivein me mad
Torrent: I know I’d love to stay here and fight against the Ragesians, but I’m no soldier, and this mission might be more important. Worst case, you get away from the Ragesians and we can part ways a few days down the road. Best case, you can come with me to Lyceum, and we come back with an army of our own to drive off the Ragesians. But we’ve got to act fast either way.
Torrent: Are you ready for this?
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Am I ready you say? Hell yes!
Avingancaeminha: Rivereye Badgerface? The names you humanoids attach to yourselves…
Avingancaeminha: But yes, I am ready to aid you.
Apothem shrugs, taking nother pull on his mug of ale while his tail swishes back and forth.
Apothem: Diplomatic attempts have failed?
Avingancaeminha stares at the bird still hopping around the room.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: What is the deal with that damn bird?
Apothem: How do we know that Lyceum hasn’t already been taken by the Ragesians as well?
Jian spies a shard that could make a decent perch and swoops down to Avingancaeminha’s shoulder.
Avingancaeminha brushes the feathered manace from its shoulder.
Torrent: Lyceum is safe, it is the opposite direction from Ragesia, and they must pass through gate pass to get to it.
Jian hops away and flies above Avingancaeminha squawking disapprovingly down at him.
Torrent: But let us not ramble on about the school, we have to plan how to get out of the city.
Apothem: What are our choices?
Apothem leans his chair forward, allowing the front legs to land hard on the floor.
Avingancaeminha: I have no desire to fight the citizens of this town.
Torrent: Only city personnel, or diplomats are allowed out beyond the city walls, so we can find someone of political power to help us.
Apothem: I hadly think that is an option, big guy, there are far too many. I would hesitate to say that there are even too many militia guards in town for us to take them all on.
Torrent: Or, I also recommend trying to convince a mage of Gabal’s School here, to lend us their magic for escape. I shall leave the plan up to you.

Following this exchange, the heroes spend a considerable amount of time coming up with a plan.

Wolfbane Moonshadow: No secret ways out of town in the Elven side of town?
Apothem: Do the guards have any way to detect the mages/ magic?
Torrent: There is no Elven side of town, Unless you mean the exit towards Shahalesti?
Torrent: In which case, the only way out of the city is the city gate.
Avingancaeminha: It would seem our course is clear.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: I say we use magic if they can’t detect it.
Avingancaeminha: The Ragesian come seeking the magic users. It would be in the best interests of the mages to aid us in our tasks.
Apothem nods in agreement.
Apothem: If things do go pear-shaped at the gate, we can always force our way through at the last minute.
Avingancaeminha: Politicians can be bought. Having known betrayal, I believe that would be foolish to put pour trust in a political leader, even one sympathetic to the mages cause.
Torrent: No, I will not allow you to kill any of the millitia here.
Wolfbane Moonshadow leans back in his chair and puts his feet up on the tabe and takes a sip of his drink
Apothem looks shocked and horrified.
Apothem: I never said kill. Maim, most likely, but not kill.
Avingancaeminha: Casualties may be unavoidable, female. But the lives of hundres may be save with the loss of but a few.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Lots of ways to hurt someone with out killing them…I should know!
Torrent: I cannot endorse anything that results in death.
ASOP: Will we be putting these mages of Gabal’s School in greater peril by accepting their aid if it were to be offered?
Torrent: I do not know, they are already in danger from the inquisitors.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: No risk…no reward!
Avingancaeminha: Then, as I said, they are our best option.
Avingancaeminha: I agree.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Well I could always…sneek over and ask them for aid…
Torrent: Very well, if that is the plan you have chosen, although I do think that is not the best plan.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: I can only seap for myseft.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: speak
Apothem: I do know a city councilman that is sympathetic to anyone opposing the Ragesians.
Avingancaeminha: If you did not think it was a good plan, you should not have presented it as an option. Foolish female.
Apothem: Erdan Menash
Apothem: If the mages can’t help then we can call on him.
Torrent: Ah yes, Erdan, I have never met him myself, but I do know where he lives and I agree, it would be wise to seek him out.
ASOP: You actually stated, “I recommend.” when offering the Gabal’s school mages as an option.
Torrent: Yes, It is a good plan, just not the best. The mages keep to themselves, and they may think you are with the Ragesians.
Torrent: You will need to convince them
Apothem: Do you have any evidence that could help convince them?
ASOP: I am not from here and will listen to your recommendations, provided they stay consistant.
Torrent: Unfortunately, I do not.
Apothem: If we could get the list from Badgerye, would that convince them?
Torrent: I do not know, however I don’t think it will.

After the heroes decided on a plan, the talk then turned to getting to Lyceum after escaping the city.

Torrent: I already have a route in mind for getting to Lyceum, it avoids Impassable roads and well-patrolled paths. It’s a little travelled road south from Gate Pass. It goes towards the border of the innenotdar Fire Forest, thirty miles away.
ASOP: I agree the mage option is desirable, but they are likely to be concerning themselves with their own self-preservation and escape at this time.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: How sure are you the route in mind is passable?
Torrent: A few decades ago, the elf road ran through the fire forest to Dassen, which is where Lyceum is located. But a contastrophy happened during the last war. The forest was set on fire and it has not stopped burning since. I have potions that will help us survive the heat, I doubt any pursuers will have the magic required for these. I have enough for three days travel.
Apothem nods
Apothem: how long would we be in the forrest?
Torrent: If we travel fast, we can make it to innenotdar and avoid ragesian patrols.
Torrent: It will take less then three days, I am confident of that.
Avingancaeminha: To travel, we must first get out of this city. We should prepare.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: So you guys want to go head frist into the fire?
Jian flaps over to the table lands and hops around turn its head this way and that looking at the group gathered at the table.
Apothem: Wait, fire hurts you?
Apothem raises an eyebrow.
Avingancaeminha stares at teh bird.
Torrent: Jian, you have gotten be here today, however now I must give your service ove to these heroes, help them.
Jian caws at Avingancaeminha.
Avingancaeminha: This vermin creature is beginning to annoy me. Do you mind if I kill it while you talk to this “Jian”?
Jian turns at bobs its head, almost as if bowing, toward Torrent.

As the talk begins to quiet down, the bells celebrating the new year, suddenly go silent.

Avingancaeminha: It’s quiet… too quiet.
Apothem perks up
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Thats not good….
Avingancaeminha looks up at teh ceiling.
Apothem holds a finger up to his lips and then points up
Avingancaeminha: There is someone upstairs.

Hearing somebody upstairs, the heroes quickly prepare for battle, awaiting whatever, or whoever, came down the stairs. However, after a time of silence and waiting:

Distant muted thumps fill the air, like the sound of ripe fruit landing on the roof of a house.
Torrent: Sounds like the Ragesians have gotten here already.

After another period of waiting and Torrent calling the tiefling a fool the heroes hear a loud booming voice.

Man: Front door: Go!
The front door shudders as you hear something being banged against it
The front door crashes open
Black Horse Thug: Drop your weapons and come quietly!
Torrent: Just try it buddy

After a short battle, the heroes make short work of the thug who burst through the door, making the two recruits behind him surrender.

After realizing the main thug has been defeated the two recruits cry out in surrender.
Apothem: Yeah, I don’t do prisoners…
Black Horse Scout: Please, let us tend to the wounded!
Apothem: Ragesian scum.
Black Horse Scout: We are not ragesians, we are of the black horse.
Apothem: And you’re attacking us because….
ASOP: What of the sounds from upstairs?
ASOP: Anyone heard of this Black Horse?
Aldalphus: I am not of this Locality
Torrent: The Black horse are a group of bounty hunters.
Aldalphus: what are you doing here?
Black Horse Scout: W… We were just hired to get the magic user! To avoid war!
Black Horse Scout: I don’t know, you’ll have to ask our leader, Kathor!
Black Horse Thug: Wise up you fools! Stop talking and attack them!
Aldalphus: Baaa, kill the evil doers

The fight continues, however, disaster strikes, as just when two of the black horse scouts arrive down the stairs, a ragesian bomb strikes the roof of the pub.

Two scouts appear from the stairway, however at the same time they do you the building shakes and you hear a deafening boom overhead.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: What the hell?
The ceiling begins to crack and buckle and flaming oil from above begins to leak into the room like a fiery rain
Aldalphus: By the Bahamuts Scaly Balls!!
Jian looks around the room concerned over the buildings integrity.
Apothem looks right at home in the falling embers.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: We need to get the hell outta this pub!
Torrent: I agree, lets get rid of this guy and move!

Having the building collapse around them, the heroes turn their attention to escaping, taking out the thug blocking the way and exiting the pub. However, a stubborn Apothem refuses to leave the burning building, desperate to kill the last of the black horse scouts. Finally, the Dragonborn soon decides to take matters into his own hands, grabbing the Tiefling and pulling him from the building without a moment to spare, as a few moments later the roof collapses, trapping the black horse scout inside.

With the rest of the black horse, including it’s leader, escaping, the heroes then begin their journey to the depository.


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