Level 4, Half-orc Paladin
Aspiring member of the Order of the Aquiline Cross
Alignment: Good
Deity: Pelor
Age: 24
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 210 lbs

A grey-skinned half-orc with long, wavy brown hair, who is usually seen dressed in plate armor, carrying both shield and longsword. He also wears a white tabard with a red-trim, marked with the symbol of a cross that is surrounded by a halo of feathers.


Born to an orc father and a half-orc mother, Kajal inherited mostly his mother’s looks which earned him the scorn of the rough, orcish male community of Gate Pass who passed him off as weak and useless. Despite some natural athleticism, Kajal never enjoyed the violent brawls he witnessed as a youth and frequently avoided the competitive sparring of his peers, preferring instead to run for help.

At some point in his later teenage years, after a few too many ales they weren’t meant to be drinking, there was a fight amongst some of Kajal’s orcish friends – during which he couldn’t help be caught up in the fray, and earned a broken jaw for his troubles. He then spent some time at one of the old temples that now functioned as a hospice where the Aquiline Cross treated his wounds. Kajal found himself moved by the Order’s dedication to healing and service to the community which was so refreshingly different from his childhood and resonated deeply with the personality he felt was at odds with his culture. Soon after he was fully recovered, he headed to the Mercineum and began his training as a squire to an Order Knight by taking his Vow of Healing.

Now, the Order has sent him out to prove himself as a fully fledged Knight of the Order, to put his vow to the test out in the wider world…


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