War of the Burning Sky

The undead dwarves.

The party have finally joined the resistance, however Aldalphus decides that he will no longer be accompanying the party.

You have just returned from dealing with the white wyrm terrorists, and have just been allowed to joiin the resistance officially, some of you do so,, however aldalphus looks to you and says “I will not be joining you, I feel that my services are needed here, just as ASOP has left you, so must I. I feel I need to preach the word of Buhamut to these desperate people, and see them through this dark time.”
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Fair well Adalphus.
Aldalphus hands you the items that were given to him, as well as those he found. Taking off his armour and laying it on the ground, as well as taking off his ironskin Belt.
Aldalphus: These will serve you better then they will I, sell them if you must.
Avingancaeminha: People come and go so quickly here.

After Aldalphus leaves them, a Genesi by the name of Kaddim-sul walks up to the party.

Kaddim-sul: You see a tall humanoid dressed in leather armour. He’s Orange skinned with yellow highlights and red lowlights. His hair appears to be dancing flames.
Kaddim-sul: Greetings people
Wolfbane Moonshadow nods at the newcomer.
Jian: Hi.
Avingancaeminha eyes the newcomer suspiciously.
Kaddim-sul: I have seen you coming and going and helping the people of this city. I am wondering if you could use some help?
Wolfbane Moonshadow eyes the Genasi up and down appraising the value of his gear.
Avingancaeminha: Pperhaaps. We do seem to keep losing associates.
Jian: We can always use the aid of those willing to lend their sword.
Kaddim-sul: His armor and weapon are unsual for this area, the armour is reddish leather and bears stylized fire symbols. His sword appears to be a frozen tongue of flame
Kaddim-sul: I am new to the city, but I am willing to lend my sword to your cause, you seem like good people
Avingancaeminha: Mostly. But we seem to attract much ire from others.
As you are talking, Buron walks over to you.
Buron: Who’s the Genasi?
Kaddim-sul: Greetings, I am Kaddim
Jian: I’m Jian Wu-ming.
Kaddim-sul: Pleased to meet you Jian Wu-ming
Buron: Nice to meet you, I presume you are wanting to join these people?
Avingancaeminha: I am Avingancaeminha. You may call me Avingancaeminha.
Kaddim-sul: I am
Buron: Well then, I extend to you the same offer I gave them, would you like to join our resistance?
Kaddim-sul: Well that’s a mouthful, but pleased to make your acquaintance Avingahcaeminha
Avingancaeminha nods in response.
Avingancaeminha: It is in a language not of this world. It means “Vengeance is mine.”
Kaddim-sul: Yes, Buron, I would love to join your resistance, I do not trust these invaders and would stand against them in defense of your city
Jian: A wise choice. It will be good to have more allies in the fight.
Avingancaeminha: I hope you will stick around a little more longer than our otherr companions.
Jian: They felt they would be of better use somewhere else.
Avingancaeminha scoffs.
Kaddim-sul: I shall stick around so long as I live upon this plane
Jian: Is your plane linked with what has affected teleportation here?

They continue to get aqauinted with the Genasi, and spend the rest of the night talking. It is late in the afternoon and the party hear a loud rumbling. The sound comes from a room next to the heroes bunk room.

Buron rushes in, carrying a lantern. He peers into the room and backs away quickly, ashen-faced. He turns to the heroes.
Buron: The temple was built on top of an ancient crpyt, and now it appears the bombing has disturbed even the dead. Quickly, I need your help!
Kaddim-sul: Don’t tell me… bad right?
Avingancaeminha: What is wrong, human?
Kaddim-sul: Draw my sword and rush to see what’s happening
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Sounds like a pleasan nuff job.
Ursa: Bloodyhell, BUron! You look like you done seen a ghost.
Avingancaeminha follows Buron.
Ursa follows.
Jian startled by Buron’s shout, jumps in the air and shifts. She then flies after the others as they follow him.
Kaddim-sul: Looking around the area, I amp up my glow a bit to add some light to the area.
You enter the room and find that it is completely dark.
The light from the Genasi is bright enough to see the room clearly, and see what is inside it.

As they enter the crypt they see Dwarven skeletons nearby crypts, they immediately begin fighting. The fight lasts a while and proves to be the toughest fight yet, with the skeletons almost killing the party, however Buron occasionally storms into the crypt and heals the party from near death. After much strife and near death attacks, the party finally defeat the dwarves and begin searching the crypt.

After winning the battle, the heroes return up to the safehous to find that a major storm is helping to stop the Ragesian siege.

You leave the crypt and return to the safe house. After the battle, the safe house begins to fill with people. Other then the news of the broken crypt, the main conversation is about the luck of such a major storm. The wyverns cannot fly in it and it seriously hampers the Ragesian siege. Most are fearful that this delay will only make the attack more brutal, and they expect that another bombing run will be made as soon as the wyverns can fly again.

Torrent returns later in the evening and she and the party begin talking about the days events.

Torrent returns late in the evening, covered in a thick layer of snow. She warms herself by the fire while drying off.
Torrent calls over to you
Torrent: Tell me of the events that transpiered today, what happened with the terrorists, and what happened here?
Jian flaps over and lands on the back of a nearby chair.
Avingancaeminha: We killed dead things.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: You want to know? well you should have came along and helped
Jian shifts and is sitting in the chair backwards, arms resting on the back of the chair.
Jian: We eliminated the white wyrm cell.
Torrent: I was not here, I was busy investigating Shaelis and Gabels school, of which I shall tell you about in a moment.
Avingancaeminha looks at Wolfbane, shocked at his brazen declaration, yet in total agreement.
Kaddim-sul: sits by the fire to get warm
Jian: They had a letter on them. Erdan Menahs has been marked for death.
Torrent: Erdan Menash? Hmm, this could be a good thing for us, that information will definitely help our chances of getting out of the city.
Jian: They were waiting for a signal and then that cell was assigned with the task of creating a diversion. There may be other diversionary cells, and the cell actual responsible for the hit is still out there.
Avingancaeminha: How so, female?
Wolfbane Moonshadow take out scimitar in the fire
Torrent: Is it not obvious?
Kaddim-sul: Erdan Menash, I have heard that name mentioned about the city
Avingancaeminha: Not especially.
Jian: I believe the letter was simply signed with an M.
Torrent: He is marked for death by the Ragesians, so he could help us get out of the city as he bears no love for them.
Jian: More recently we were sent to engage a particularly nasty undead infestation. If Buron hadn’t helped us, we likely would not be here now.
Kaddim-sul: Ah, so we will trade information for a way out of the city.
Ursa: I see what you did there, Torrent.
Ursa grins
Torrent looks at Ursa
Torrent: Who are you?
Jian finishes her report of events and shifts back into her more comfortable form.
Torrent: I have seen you around, but I do not recall meeting you.
Avingancaeminha: We seem to lost companions at an alarming rate, female.
Ursa: Freelance City Watch. Ursa the Bear Keeper.
Torrent: That is sad new indeed, but this is a tough mission, and sometimes losses will be inevitable.
Torrent: It is good to have you with us Ursa.
Torrent looks at Kaddim
Avingancaeminha: True, but not all losses were form deaths. You apparently saddled us with cowards.
Torrent: And who are you?
Ursa: He’s just sme hothead we picked up…
Kaddim-sul: I am Kaddim-sul, recently thrust here from the Elemental Chaos and helping out as best I can
Torrent: Very well, it is good to have you two with us. You know of our mission I trust?
Kaddim-sul: Some of it yes, I have observed you for the past day
Jian: CaCaaw!
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Aka the human torch
Avingancaeminha: We had only a short time to discuss the missions before Buron sent us to our deaths.
Torrent: Good, in that case I shall move onto the main topic, and the reason I left you.
Rivereye sees you and walks over to you, and joins you by the fire.
Torrent: I have been gathering information about our friend Shaelis, who rivereye is convinced that Shaelis has possession of the case that we need. She will escape when the tunnel the wisp talked of is completed.
Avingancaeminha: And when will that be?
Torrent: Shaelis is a formidable foe. She is one of the most promising wizards at Gabels school. Shaelis Amluril is celebrating her recent elevation to paragon status. She has her own apartment at the school and is actively researching the problem with teleporation.
Torrent: She is not well liked however, except by the headmaster, Gabel. One wizard in particular, Dioganes, has an exceptional disgust, apparently engendered by shaelis’s impropriety in using a solon familiar.
Torrent: I am quite impressed by his sarcasm, and the fine cut of his blue robe.
Torrent: I do not know when the tunnel will be completed, but it will be soon.
Avingancaeminha: This Dioganes sunds like our best option for accessing Shaelis. How do we find him?
Kaddim-sul: Interesting
Torrent: He will be at gabel’s school.
Ursa: Oy, really?
Kaddim-sul: If they are both at the school, perhaps that is the best place for us to find them
Torrent: Retreiving the case is our utmost priority. Me and Rivereye will seek out some help from an old sorcerer that rivereye knew from his days in the imperial palace. The semi-retired gentleman is sympathetic to the resistance and may help to wrest the case from Shealis before she can escape.
Torrent: I must warn you, try not to get in a conflict with Shealis. She is strong and will be a tough opponent.
Ursa: I don’t wanna go near that place. Their magic gives me the creeps
Torrent: It would be best to try and convince her to help us.
Pookah snorts
Kaddim-sul: Do you think if she went to so much trouble to get the case she would give it to us?
Avingancaeminha: The fire man makes sense.
Ursa rolls her eyes at Pookah. “No Pookah, that isn’t a challenge. We don’t have to kill every strong opponent we meet.”
Torrent: She does not work for Ragesia, she might think that we are tring to get the case for Ragesia. She is working in the best interest of the shahalesti.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Convince?….More like make.
Avingancaeminha: This woman is not likely to simply hand over somethign she worked so hard to obtain.
Torrent: It would be in her best interests to aid us.
Kaddim-sul: That it would, we must find a way to MAKE her see it our way
Avingancaeminha: And how do we convince her of that?
Torrent: Ragesia and shahalesti are on the verge of war.
Kaddim-sul: Perhaps if we can prove our cause aligns with hers?
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Who said have it over? It’s so much more fun to take it why your in t he shadows.
Kaddim-sul: Puts his hand into the fire and pulls out a coal holding it for a moment before making it burst into flame
Kaddim-sul: Two forces working in the same direction can make more fire than two forces opposed
Torrent: However, we shall leave this for tomorrow. Me and rivereye will be leaving again tonight, we hope to return mid-morning tomorrow with the sorcerer with us.
Torrent: I encourage you all to get a good nights rest, tomorrow will be a tough day for you.
Kaddim-sul: Rest would be good, I am a bit burnt out
Avingancaeminha: As am I.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Oh Torrent…Just so you know….your lazy as hell!
Torrent: I think you should retract your statement. I have been working hard to gather information. If I had not done then you would be delving in blind tomorrow.
Torrent: I had thought that you would be capable of handling yourselves, please tell me I am not wrong.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: What ever make you sleep at night
Kaddim-sul: Research is important, so my mother said. If we fail to learn from history, we fail to learn at all
Avingancaeminha: I am sure he is just weary, as we all are.
Torrent: Then your mother is wise.
At her words torrent stands up.
Torrent: As I have said, I shall be leaving tonight, I hope to be back by mid-morning tomorrow, please get a good nights rest.
Riverye also stands up
Then the two bid there ferewells and leave the safe house.
Kaddim-sul: Farewell

The party then head to their rooms and rest for the night.



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