War of the Burning Sky

Taking out the terrorists.

During the night, one of the dwarves from the depository gave some information about a terrorist cell working with the Ragesians that are in the area. Both Torrent and Rivereye have been impressed with your skills and abilities, and they recommend you as best able to handle the situation. Torrent and rivereye will not be acompaning you, as Riverye’s cough appears to be pneumonia and he is bed-ridden and Torrent has been assigned to gather information about Gabel’s School, and Shealis in particular.
After a morning of rest, you are all fully refreshed and able to face this new challenge. Torrent’s worry is evident as she prepares to leave with Rivereye. “The dwarf mentioned that the thugs have some awful beast to unleash that strikes and hides like a cat. I assume that they are waiting for some signal to come from the Ragesians, and it will probably be soon.” She then gestures to a nearby table covered with a cloth. “Buron was able to acquire some items and equipment for you this morning. Take them with his blessing – and mine. We’ll see you later this evening.”
ASOP: I will not be going, I am sorry, but I have decided to stay here and help as many people as I can, I feel my services would be best used to help the people of this town.
Avingancaeminha: I understand.
Torrent: Very well, if that is your wish, I wish you well my friend.
Apothem: Didn’t you make a promise to Torrent?
With a passing glance, torrent leaves with rivereye.
Aldalphus: An honourable choice ASOP.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Your just going to up and leave.?
Jian flies over to the gear and starts pulling at the shiniest peices with her beak
Avingancaeminha looks over the gear.
ASOP: This is my decision, and you cannot talk me out of it, these people need me far more then you do on your journey.
Aldalphus moves to inspect the items as well.
Wolfbane Moonshadow tells ASOP latter on and looks at the gear
Avingancaeminha prepares to head out.
Jian shifts and changes out of her old leather armor to put on the new set.
Jian whips her sword out and quickly runs through a kata.
Wolfbane Moonshadow packs his shit and gets set up to head out
Jian: Very very nice. Almost no restriction of movement…light…. Shall we move out?
Jian shits back to bird form

The party finish sorting the gifts, and then prepare to leave the safe house.

After poring over the gifts, you leave soon enough. The streets are slippery from the ice and a chill wind blows from west to east. You are surprised at the devastation the daylight reveals. Along the streets, it appears no building has been spared. Most of the structures have surface damage, but a few have been completely razed and smoke rises lazily from embers and smoldering debris. The odor of burnt wood and stone is cloying. Much of the roadside clutter seems to be decorations for the Festival of Dreams, which was to be celebrated today. A few brave souls wander about, picking up loose junk and chatting with others they meet. The news you overhear is worrisome. A small portion of the Ragesian force made last night’s attack. They were driven back, but the invading army has demanded that a group of Inquisitors be allowed into the city, or the next attack will be more persuasive. Still, despite the devastation, a few bemoan the cancellation of the festival parade.
Avingancaeminha: These humans seem to have their priorities skewed.
Aldalphus: Are we all prepared to go?
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Lest go!
Jian bobs her little crow head, “Cawww!”
Avingancaeminha: Yes, let us deal with the threat sooner rather than later.
You begin your jouney to the warehouse, as you arrive you find a large area with two doors surrounding it

The party come across the warehouse and notice two main entrances. After much deliberation they decide to enter through the south, only to find it’s locked. With some quick hands by Wolfbane, they unlock the door and enter the warehouse.

White Wyrm Bandit: HEy guys! We’re under attack!

Mid-way through the battle, an Elderin bard holding a flute enters through the south door.

Apothem: The hells?
Adronus flips his flute back into a strap on his side readying his crossbow
Adronus: Looks like you lads could use a helping hand
Avingancaeminha: You might say that.

The fight continues on, however, just as the party are about to defeat the last few members,a mountain Pseudo-dragon and storm mage appear, ready to help defeat the party.



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