War of the Burning Sky

On the road to the Depository.

After the battle in the Poison Apple Pub,

Torrent decides that it would be good to rest up before heading to the depository, as you do so you see what has happened in the city, the bombing ended within minutes, but you hear that a battle has started at the nearby west wall of Gate pass. You see townsfolk rushing past you trying to put our fires, or get into shelter. Soldiers are hurrying to their posts, slowed by the throng and chaos. All the while, bells ring urgant warnings up and down the mountain pass.

Torrent: Now that we are rested, we should head swiftly to the depository in the next ward.
Avingancaeminha: Indeed. Lead on, female.

As the heroes begin their journey to the depository, they are quick to find a badly burned old man, who is huddling with three children and carrying a women. The paladin Aldalphus is quick to head to their aid.

Aldalphus: Ho there, human. What help do you need?
Rensar points to his burn wounds
Avingancaeminha: Hold, Torrent. The dragonborn wishes to aid thes ehumans.
Apothem attempts to patch up the man quickjly.
Torrent: Yes, we can spare enough time to help those who are wounded.
You spend time healing the man, managing to patch his and his companions wounds. He showers you to with praise.
Rensar: Thank you! Thousand blessings on you!
Torrent: We should go, unless you wish to help him to shelter./
Apothem: peace be with you, sir. We must depart.
Rensar: Thank you, you have done enough! We shall make our own way to shelter nearby.
Avingancaeminha: May your gods protect you, human.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Get your ass inside befor you get hurt again!

After helping the old man, they depart to continue their journey, but are soon stopped again by a screaming women, and a cluster of bystanders looking up towards a burning building. The party also looks up, and notices a women who looks like she is about to jump from the building.

Torrent: She looks like she’s about to jump, we must do something to help!

Aldalphus is the first to rush to her aid, entering the burning building but is stopped in his tracks by the fire, too hot to continue on. Following this, Jian decides to fly up to the woman in bird form.

Jian flies up to the window and through and shifts, landing softly on the floor.
Jian reaches into her pack and pulls out a rope.
Aldalphus: runs out of the building
The girl looks at you and screams even more.
Jian: Calm down, I’m trying to help you.
Jian: Is there anything i can tie this to?
Jian ties the rope around the woman’s waist.
The girl continues to look at you and screams and loses her balence. Almost falling.
Jian grabs her arm to steady her.
Avingancaeminha: The bird girl has pushed the female.
Apothem jostles into position to try to help catch her.
Torrent: Do you have a blanket? We could use that to catch her!
Jian braces herself against the window and tries to slowly lower the girl down.
Aldalphus: yes!!

After Jian begins to slowly lower the girl, his strength fails him, dropping the rope and sending the poor woman plummeting to her death, however due to quick thinking by the party, by grabbing a blanket, and some show of strength, she is saved from the fall, and quickly runs off scared, not even bothering to thank the party.

Aldalphus: Bahamut!!! Grant me strength!!!!
The girl plumets into your blanket, and you manage to hold tight, saving her from the fall.
She gets off the blanket and runs away, scared.
Avingancaeminha: You’re welcome!
Jian summersalts out the window plumeting toward the ground and shifting into a raven ten feet from the ground. She flies over to the group and then shifts back to a human form.
ASOP: show off
Aldalphus: We should hurry on our way.
Avingancaeminha: Lead on, Torrent.

Only a block away looms the gate that leads to the next district, and your destination, the depository. The press of people is considerable as they flee eastward, and the passage is too narrow to allow easy exit from the western ward.
As you push on, screams begin to erupt from the north. At first, they are far away, but slowly, like a wave rolling onto the shore, the panic grows and moves southward. A soldier patrolling the gate wall suddenly jumps with a curdling scream into the crowd and disappears from your view.
You think you still hear his screams go on a moment and then stop, but you can’t be sure; his plight is quickly eclipsed when less than a dozen feet from you, men, women and children begin to wail.

The party is suddenly engulfed by fear, with everyone except the Invoker running around in fear, after a minute of fear, the party finally settle down, and continue on to the depository. A few of the party notice something in the sky during the chaos.

Avingancaeminha: By the Abyss, what is that?!

Avingancaeminha: I do not know what that creature was, but it seems you weaker-minded creatures were under its sway.
Aldalphus: Aye, for a short time.
Torrent: If you are all quite finished running around like idiots, we should proceed to the depository.
Jian: There was some huge creature flying through the air. Whoever its shadow touched seemed to be engulfed by panic.
Campaign saved.
Aldalphus: Let us move from here before it makes its return
Wolfbane Moonshadow: um…yeah..
Avingancaeminha: Agreed.
Jian shifts again (she really doesn’t like to risk getting her lovely white ninja outfit white by walking around in human form)
ASOP: Does that mean I really have a mind and a soul? This is amazing news. Praise be to Muamman Duathal!!! In the highest!!!

Continuing on, the party meets an old man who is frantically looking for his baby named Kiki.

To your left, you hear a well-dressed man calling out in a plaintive voice, “Kiki, please come out, it’s fine now! Please, Kiki!”
Apothem: What seems to be the matter here?
Apothem: Did I hear someone say they wanted to have a kiki?
As you get closer,the man turns, his eyes brimming and runs towards you, crying “Please, will you help me find my baby?”
Aldalphus: Where is the child?
Avingancaeminha looks around confused.
ASOP: What manner of creature is this Kiki? And where was it last?
Avingancaeminha: It is a wonder you get anything accomplished, when you stop for every little thing instead of focusing on the mission before you.
Aldalphus: We must complete the tasks that are set before us
Jian: Caw!
Aldalphus: Tell me, where is the baby?
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Whats this kid of yours look like?
ASOP: Few are afforded thousands of lifetimes, you walking paperweight.
Avingancaeminha: If we must, as it seems the woman Torrent wishes us to lend aid.
Corian: Kiki is my pet dire weasel! Please my house was struck by a bomb, and though the building did not burn, the sound of the thunderstone spooked my poor kiki, causing her to flee. I am worried, she is usually friendly, but she might injure someone if not caught soon, please find my baby!
Torrent: We do not have time to find a pet… Dire weasel, we should continue on!
Avingancaeminha eyes flare brighter, the only visible manifestation of its anger.
Corian: Please! I beg of you!
Apothem: ok, ok, I’ll take a look.
Aldalphus: You should have better control over such a beast, I think we should move on
Corian waves to the north, telling you that Kiki ran off in that direction.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: I have no time to look for your pet…be gone I say
Avingancaeminha: Really? Whatever happened to “we must complete the tasks that are set before us?”
Jian: Caw!
Torrent: This is a waste of time, if you decide to search I will have no part in it.
Apothem: I think that means, find Kiki in bird speak.
ASOP: I am unconcerned about the pet, I am concerned for the innocents it might harm.
Aldalphus: ILl tell you this, if we come across the animal, we will make sure that it does not harm anyone. If we can keep from harming the beast we will.
Jian looks at Apothem and bobs her head up and down
ASOP: heads north
Aldalphus: Calls after the warforged
Aldalphus: Wait we will be comming shorly
Aldalphus: Don’t split the party!!!!
ASOP: Dire weasels grow to be up to 10 feet long and can reach a weight of 700 pounds.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: I do need new boots….
Avingancaeminha: If we see the creature, the most we can do is keep it from harming more of these humans.
ASOP: we would know this is not a normal pet and other people are at danger
ASOP: If we have to put this “pet” down, then so be it. This area has seen enough death, carnage, and turmoil to allow a frightened dire weasel to rampage.
Corian: Please! Help me! I will pay you!
Aldalphus: Let us be serious here, I say that if we come across this beast then we deal with it, but we must be on our way.
Avingancaeminha: Yes, you will.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: What Aldlphus said…
Aldalphus: Grumbles
Aldalphus: sigh, so be it. I do not wish to split the fellowship

After this the party sets out in search of Kiki, finding him near a sewage drain. After a few moments of chasing the dire weasel like Benny Hill, Kiki finally escapes through the drain, lost to the party, however their efforts were not in vain, as they found a box containing a few items of value and some gold.

You almost catch it, but it slips through your grasp and goes into the drain, and unfortunately manages to squeeze through before anyone else can get to it. However as you look in the drain, you see a small box half-buried in the muck, it looks as if it has been there for a while and could contain something..
Aldalphus: If i get my hands on Kiki I may just eat it
Avingancaeminha: It was a waste of our time to begin with, I fear. Our time would have better served elsewhere.
ASOP: starts to walk back to Corian to punch him in the throat.
Jian pulls out some more food and sets it down in the hole. “Good luck Kiki.”
Aldalphus: Well, I am called to help others and do good where I can, but I do hate wasteing percious time. Let us be on our merry way.
Apothem reaches for the box
Avingancaeminha: I have never understood the need for these humans to keep small creatures as pets. It seems quite pointless.
Aldalphus: Moves to interviene
Aldalphus: Easy there!!!
Apothem fiddles with the lid of the box to see what is inside.
Aldalphus: We ahve wasted enough time
You reach for the box and open it, inside you see a potion, as well as a Dagger, and 30 gp. You also see a gold ring with an amethyst engraved.
Aldalphus: Let us be on our way friend

Apothem: let’s go break the bad news to Kiki’s owner.
Aldalphus: Can we continue on our way now, or are there any more idiotic task sthat need to be performed?
Jian shifts and finds her perch on Torrent
You head back to Corian to brake the news to him.
Corian: How could you?! You let Kiki escape you bastards! You are the most incompitant people I have ever met, can’t even catch a weasel!
Torrent: I know you are angry, I am too, but we cannot be attacking an innocent man.
ASOP: You do not lead us on a chase under false pretenses of others being at risk of harm.
Corian runs away in haste.
ASOP: finds something to throw at his ass.
Avingancaeminha: The human is hardly in the position to call other incompetant, seeing as it was his imcompetance that allowed the creature to break free to begin with.
Torrent: We have wasted enough time, we should go.
Aldalphus: I agree.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: What kind of man can’t even teep track of his pet!!
ASOP: Yes, I shall remember his name and face and will bring pain to him later.

After leaving the fleeing Corion, the party finally reach the Depository.

You see the dark needle of the Depository Tower long before the guarded gate appears along the roadway. Now as you come to the massive iron gates, four well-armed guards, three orcs and a dwarf snap to greater attention and prepare for a challenge. In a respectful voice, the dwarf asks for the required owner’s key, which Torrent produces. He and the other guards visibly relax.
“The riots have us all on edge, please forgive our harsh diligence,” the dwarven guard says as he tests the key on a special lock plate. He hands it back mechanically when the latch opens. Placing his lips against the opening, he whispers something and the large cog- work gears on the sides of the gates rumble and turn. In a moment, the way is open and one of the orc guards clumsily gestures a welcome for all to enter.
As you pass in, the chaos of the city disappears. Untouched as yet by the Ragesian bombs, a beautifully tended garden wends its way past splendid fountains. The left basin recalls elemental spirits of local legend — a dragon, a worm, a kraken and an eagle — while a statue of Emperor Coaltongue posing with a torch held high dominates the one on the right. The torch glows as if lit by a neverending flame.
You count four other guards patrolling the grounds, dwarves and orcs again, and continue towards the large double iron doors that are the only entrance to the central structure. Once again, Torrent’s key is used and the orc guard speaks a secret phrase to gain entrance.
“There’re guards inside,” the orc politely says, with a gruff and graveled voice; his smile looks like a grimace. “So be careful and don’t accidentally open the wrong locker. There are lanterns here for light.” With a chuckle, he adds, “You’ll regret them if you meets up with the ugly gnome in there now.”

The first floor of the tower is one huge room, and though the far side is hidden in shadows, it looks to be about sixty feet in diameter. A broad stone ramp circles clockwise upward to the left of the door, while the interior of the room is filled with aisles of metal lockers, each slightly larger than a coffin propped upright. Squat round columns twenty feet high support the ceiling.
Avingancaeminha: Strange tower.
You notice a gnome looking down at you, he walks down the ramp and feebly nods at you, coughing.
He complains that he caught a cold on his trip from the Ragesian capital.
Aldalphus: Master Gnome, we would speak with you
Aldalphus: Please come down!
Rivereye sneezes.
“I hear the war outside,” says the gnome between coughs. “Good to be in here. Very safe.” He clumsily turns around and begins to ascend the ramp, “Follow me, Peppin, it is time to conduct our business.”
He begins to walk up the stairs and gestures for you to follow.
Avingancaeminha follows after the ugly leprechaun.
Aldalphus: Looks at the others
Aldalphus: Ill follow as well

He pauses infront one of the many lockers on the floor.
Rivereye: Can I have the password please Peppin?
Torrent: Why are you calling me Peppin? I am Torrent.
Rivereye: I… I… Erm.
Rivereye coughs.
Rivereye: I made a mistake… Obviously!… Erm, wait here please…
Rivereye runs towards the nearby stairs.
Avingancaeminha: The gnome is suddenly surprisingly spry…
Wolfbane Moonshadow: I think he was fakein!
Rivereye: Oh fine, you caught me!
Rivereye suddenly his appearance begins to shift, he grows and you see elf like ears.
Avingancaeminha: I have never seen a gnome do that before.
Torrent: I would suggest we not use magic! This place has defense against it!

The party begins to fight the elf, however all the elf wants to do is run from them and escape.

Avingancaeminha: Not the most corageous fellow, is he?
Torrent: He obviously means to escape, we should chase after him!
Avingancaeminha: Toerrent, what is going on with your friend?
Wolfbane Moonshadow: He ran home to mommy!
Torrent: That was not rivereye, he was obviously an imposter.
ASOP: Does he have your key?
Torrent: I not know, we should hurry before he escapes, enough chatter!

As the elf gets up to the higher floor, he is joined by a Wisp Solon.

The chase continues, however, the Invoker decides to ignore Torrents advice, and uses magic to help them, this causes the tower’s defences to activate. However the defences are malfunctioning and not working as they are intended, only shooting a single blast of lightning out of the walls.



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