War of the Burning Sky

Meeting the enemy.

The fight continues to rage on in the depository, the party try and find what is causing the lightning, but too no avail, eventually, the elf escapes to the Depository balcony on the first floor, with Jian hot on his heels. He begins climbing the wall at tremendous speeds, not slowed down by the climb.

Larion continues his climb up to the rooftop, reaching it incredibly quickly.
Jian: He’s up there Tiefling, (growls the last bit) getting AWAY!
You hear the elf running, and he makes an impossible jump of over 30 feet, clearing a 20 foot high fence and landing lightly on the sloped, snowcovered rooftop of a building. He then quaffs a potion, falls off the roof, and floats down to the crowd on the city street below. The wisp solon immediately teleports away.
Aldalphus: Bastads’
Guards immediately swarm the room.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: DAMN!
Guard: Drop your weapons! Sit on the tower floor now!
Torrent immediately drops her weapon to the floor
Aldalphus: Easy now, we were attacked
Jian shifts into bird form and screeches in frustration at the fleeing elf.
Aldalphus: Hooks his hammer on his belt, and raises his hands, but does not sit
Aldalphus: We are on the same side here friend
Guard: I said, drop your weapons! I will hurt you if you do not.
Torrent: We should do as they say.
Jian lands on Apothem’s shoulder as soon as the flames from his latest dimensional jaunt die out.
At your words, the guard calms down.
Aldalphus: My weapon is slung, I’ll have no need of it.
Guard: Please, drop your weapons, we do not want this to end badly.
Aldalphus: For we are on the same side, friend
Apothem drops his weapons.
Avingancaeminha shows that all he has is a simple stick.
Aldalphus: You are with the tower guard?
Aldalphus: Or the city?
ASOP: lays his maul on ground.
Guard: I am a guard of the depository, yes, somebody exited the balcony without prior leave by a guard, also we heard fighting. Drop your weapons and sit quietly, we need to make sure you are not dangerous.
Aldalphus: The gnome, where is he?
Guard: That is of no concern to you at the moment.
Aldalphus: Rivereye, send a man to check on him
Avingancaeminha: It is of some concern, human, as we were meant to meet with the gnome, Rivereye, I believe the name was. The man we were fighting was impersonating him.
Aldalphus: I fear for his safety, please send a man to see if he is well
Guard: Please let us search your belongings, we need to make sure you were not sent here by Ragesia.
Aldalphus: I have nothing to hide, you may search my belongings and person
Guard: We are beginning a search for the gnome now.
The guards begin to search through your belongings, taking everything and putting it onto a pile. Peppens signet ring that torrent had is situated on the top of the pile.
Aldalphus: We has a confrontation with someone claiming to be Rivereye, some sort of elf, or half elf magic user
ASOP: who is Peppens?
Aldalphus: Will not relenquish his hammer
Aldalphus: My hammer is a holy symbol, I will not have it desicrated.
The guards continue their search for rivereye, eventually finding him alive, surrounded by unconscious guards. A half orc is discovered murdered, and rivereye is awakened and unbound, and brought in your presence.
ASOP: So, Torrent, the imposter did not take anything from you?
The guards seem unsure of what to do, but Rivereye notices the signet ring on the pile of belongings and scans the party carefully. With some hesitation, he asks for the code phrase, with torrent freely recites. Rivereye then hails you as his saviours and explains to the guards what has happened. Satisfied that you are in the clear, they give you their leave, and begin the grim task of removing their deceased colleague from the tower.
Avingancaeminha stands silently imposing, watching everything.
Rivereye sits on the floor and calls for you to join him.
Rivereye: Come, grab your belongings and join me.
Avingancaeminha joins the gnome, but does not sit.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: About damn time!
Aldalphus: Gathers his gear and follows
Apothem leans against a nearby wall, picking at his fingernails with the tip of one of his blades.
Rivereye: So, Peppin is gone
Rivereye: The loss is great in my eyes, though I fear few would agree. Life has become so cheap in these dark days. As a servant in the imperial palace, I saw things that put all faith in a good future to the test. Oh! How I wish the Inquisitors had not enslaved my lips and hands to never reveal what I know.
Rivereye: But I realized others could see what I know! That is why you are here tonight. That case is valuable because it contains all of what I cannot say. It must be retrieved and sent to Lyceum!
Jian bobs its little bird head around cocking it this way and that to watch the happenings in the room.
Aldalphus: We have agreed to take it there
Rivereye: I managed to convince that imposter, that the case was trapped. I am not positive, as I do not understand the elf language, but I belive the rogue you encountered is named Larion. I also heard the Solon talking with three eldarin. The thieves have a contact at Gabel’s scool, a shalasti eldarin named Shealis.
Rivereye: At one pont the solon said the following.
Rivereye: The escape tunnel to the Singing Chasm is a week away from completion. Our mission will be done soon and we can return to Shahalesti with all we have gathered. Shealis is more difficult now that she is near the end of all this. I hope this information will make her happy.
Apothem: It would seem that the Regians are the least of our troubles now.
Rivereye: I suppose I should discribe the case for you, it is black metal, about a foot long and wide, and half a foot deep, made of, I think, adamantine, with a lock.
The gnome realizes something while talking.
Rivereye points to a cloak and belt nearby.
Rivereye: The imposter left this cloak and belt behind as he prepared for your arrival. He traded them out for mine, I suspect, to make his disguise more convincing. They’re a little large for me and it seems that you might benefit more from them than I.
The gnome chuckles with a mean grin, and starts a coughing fit that makes it clear the gnome’s strength is flagging. Torrent recommends taking shelter in a nearby temple, under which is one of the resistance’s many safe houses.
“Thank you my lady,” splutters the weary gnome.
Rivereye: A good rest will prepare us for the task tomorrow, and help me recover my wits. I hope that all of you are willing to go to Gabal’s school and help me regain the information from the Shahalesti. They have no business interfering with all this. Will you join with me on the morrow?

After a moment of distributing the items, and agreeing to join Rivereye, the party then leave the depository, in search of the temple safe house.

The streets are nearly empty, as most of the citizens have found shelter. The night is cold and the sky glows from the many fires still raging throughout the city. But all is not quiet. High above, the screech and roar of battle fills the air as the Gate Pass griffon riders clash with Ragesian wyverns.
Looking up after a particularly loud screech, you see the shape of a bat-winged creature collide with a griffon rider. Both combatants flip from the impact, nearly throwing their riders off as they begin a fast descent towards the ground below. You can hear the sound of their collision. Somehow the griffon rider recovers himself and turns west towards the main battle, but the other creature, still screeching, plummets into the roof of a low building directly in front of your path.
Instantly the din of battle is replaced with the clatter of falling timber and tile. For a few seconds an eerie calm surrounds the building. Then a woman’s bloodcurdling scream echoes down the street and is suddenly stopped. The cry of a child starts as well, and continues.

Aldalphus: Feels compelled to see to the wellbeing of the child
Avingancaeminha: The futility of this war is troubling.
Aldalphus: War is always such
Apothem: AZh, but where there’s war, there is profit.
Apothem grins widely.
Aldalphus: Shrugs
Wolfbane Moonshadow: I second that!
Torrent: Hurry, to the building, we must help!
Aldalphus: Bahamut teachs us to do good and help when you can
Aldalphus: Readys his hammer and follows close behind
Apothem: That may be, but does your dear Bahamut also tell you that for your efforts, you often will catch a blade in the back?
Apothem: But as you wish, dragonborn. Lead on.
Aldalphus: Actually, he lists that as an absolute certianty
Apothem: And would still adhere that faith?
Apothem shakes his head in disbelief.
Torrent rushes towards the building.
Apothem: You are either very naieve, or you truely believe. Either one will get you killed.
Aldalphus: Bahamut has given me much, my death is the least I can do to repay him
Wolfbane Moonshadow: If Bahamut told you to jump off a clif would you?
When you see the half-orc, he thrusts the child infront of him and clumsily places his axe blade across the youth’s throat. With a choking, slightly gurgling voice, he demands you let him leave.
Aldalphus: Points his hammer as Wolfbane,
Flaganut Mortus: Let me go, or the child will perish!
Aldalphus: Do not be an ASS!!
Aldalphus: Put the youngling down and I will let you leave here
Flaganut Mortus: No, I will be taking him, to make sure you don’t pull anything! Like I said, let me go,or he dies.
Aldalphus: YOu will kill him anyway, put him down and leave or die where you stand
Flaganut Mortus: Fine, have it your way.
Aldalphus: Moves to attack
He cuts the boys throat and thrusts him towards you, torrent rushes to his aid.
Flaganut Mortus: Right then, at least my mates won’t have to worry about you anymore.
Aldalphus: charges
Torrent: Take care of him! I shall take care of the boy

After throwing the boy to the party, torrent immediately takes him to one side and tries to heal him, the party swiftly heading to take care of the Half-orc.

Avingancaeminha: The half-orc is foolish. Killing its only bargaining chip… poor tactics.
Torrent: He is already hurt from the fall, it should not take much to defeat him.

The fight is over before it really begins, the party lock the Half-orc down, killing him before he is able to deal any serious damage to the party. The party rush to see the fate of the boy.

Torrent: I am sorry, there is nothing we can do, the boy is dead.
Aldalphus: Shakes his head,
Torrent: The boy succumed to his wounds, nothing I could do would help.
Aldalphus: What a waste
Avingancaeminha: That is unfortunate.
Torrent: Search that bastards body, there might be something you can use.
Aldalphus: Let us continue on our task

After searching the body and taking his armour, the party leave the destroyed house and finally reach the temple, where the resistance safe house is located.

Torrent guides you to a nearby temple of the order of the Aquiline Cross, devoted to the a god of healing, and also devoted to Bahamut. She says it is a gathering place for resistance members.
The temple is packed with at least a hundred nervous people, all squeezed into a 40-foot circular prayer chamber and adjacent rooms. Many are nervously relating rumors of how the battle at the main gates is going. Children cry, and priests tend to numerous injuries from fire, stampeding crowds, or violent looters. People are scared and demoralized. Priests go between the wounded, tending them as best they can, their healing capability all expended.
Aldalphus: Stands infront of the crowd
Aldalphus: Bahamut commands us to be brave in the face of danger!!
Torrent leads you to an ornate door behind the altar area and opens it. Stairs leading down into a crypt are guarded by two large half-orcs. The underground area contains supplies and weapons for the Gate Pass resistance. Rivereye, coughing almost nonstop, is immediately taken to the infirmary.
Apothem: Sorry, mate. It don’t look liek they’re buyin’ it.
You are guided by resistance members to a small room with a few sleeping pallets,and then they show you the common area and kitchen. The living spaces are makeshift, but function well. You are introduced to a man named Buron, and other resistance members, and are then told to get some rest for the morning.
Aldalphus: I ask you, if you are a person of ability, do not fear, take what arms you have and join the battle. To wait in fear is the way to darkness, to walk in the light we must be bold in action

The party decides to rest for the night, with Aldalphus and ASOP both doing their best to help the wounded.



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