War of the Burning Sky

Gabels School

After a long nights rest, the party are awoken extremely early, well before sunrise, by Buron.

Well before sunrise, you are awoken by Buron, who is agitated.
Buron: One of my men has discovered that a tunnel into something called the Singing Chasm will be complete within the day. Sounds like an eladrin escape route, which means Shealis will get news of this soon and flee. You need to go to Gabal’s now and stall her until Torrent and Rivereye return. I will send them as soon as possible.
Kaddim-sul: And once again into the fray my friends!
Kaddim-sul: Do we know for sure that she is at the school?
Buron: Yes, she is deinitely at the school, but she will not be there for long, you must hurry.
Avingancaeminha: Lets go then.
Jian: Lets go then.
Kaddim-sul: It is not even light out yet… Well then let’s be on our way
Avingancaeminha: First light is a popular time for starting journey’s we may be too late if we wait.’

The party heads out in the snow and shortly arrive at Gabels school, as they arrive they see a strange man in a blue robe waiting outside the closed gate.

A heavy snow falls as you make haste towards the school. The streets are barren in the darkness, except for the drifts that pile over the debris of the previous night’s onslaught. The crunch of boots in the snowpack is the only sound you hear.
When you finally reach the school’s gate, you understand why it has nicknamed the Castle. A small bridge crosses a moat. An iron fence surrounds the campus, which consists of many small buildings and four fifty-foot towers. Even in the dim pre-dawn, the castlelike appearance is unmistakable.
Beyond the gate, a lone man stands watching, smoking a rolled stick of tabac. A smoke cloud surrounds him in the heavy air and the cigarette glows brightly when he inhales, his paunch expanding to take in the earthy fumes. He eyes you carefully as you approach, eyes bright in the glare of the nearby torchlight. He doesn’t move closer when he speaks. “And what, my friends,” he says with a casual air, sweeping his blue-robed arm lazily outwards from his chest to the side, “brings you here on such a warm summer’s day?”
Kaddim-sul: Warm, summer? Seriously?
Kaddim-sul: Looks around dubiously
Avingancaeminha: Quite a formidable structure.
Man: If you are here for cleaning duty, I am afraid you are too late, the cleaners have already been.
Kaddim-sul: We would prefer to gain entrance to your magnificent establishment, we are seeking someone and it is a matter of urgency
Jian shifts
Man looks at the bird who shifts.
Man: Ah-ha, I thought that was not your true form, it appears I was right.
Jian smiles, “Very observant! It makes travel more convenient.”
Man: And also, why would you be wanting entrence to this school? Who is it that an urgent meeting is called for?
Kaddim-sul: We seek one Shealis, she has something of ours and we need to extract it from her clutches
Baloo shakes like a dog after a bath.
Ursa: Sorry. He had an itch and I told him scratching his arse in public is rude.
Man: Ah, the lovely Shealis, what is it that she has then?
Kaddim-sul: chuckles
Jian gives an easy laugh,“He’s referring to her coins of course. She’s hired us to accompany her on some journey she is undertaking.”
Jian: We may look like a motley crew, but we bring a lot of useful skills to the table, as guides, protectors, trackers and most anything else a person could need.
Man: Well, if that is the case. The gates open at 10.
Jian: We were told to meet her before first light as she wants to be on her way at dawn.
Kaddim-sul: Wait, if you cannot help us, perhaps you could let Diogenese know that we would like to speak to him, it is a matter of urgency
Man: You were told to meet her eh? I believe you, but I find myself uncaring as to what she wants. Gates open at 10, you may enter, and she may leave at that time. Hopefully with that solon of hers too.
Man: Diogenes? What would you be wanting with a man such as he? For I am he.
Kaddim-sul: Putting several things together – blue robes, dislike of Shealis, the Solon, etc.
Kaddim-sul: Ahhh….
Kaddim-sul: We would like to appeal to you. The matter we need to “discuss” with Shealis is not something we can speak of in a public place, could you permit us entry so we can discuss it with you?
Diogenes: You may speak to me here.
Diogenes he continues smoking
Kaddim-sul: Looks to the others
Jian: We hear that you don’t much care for our employer. So perhaps a little honesty will convince you to let us in? She isn’t our employer, we don’t much care for her either, and she hasn’t something that doesn’t belong to her.
Diogenes: You change your tune so quickly after finding out who I am? I find that slightly suspicious.
Ursa nods to Baloo and Pookah, “The boys here are going to use her as a plaything if she resists. I do hope she resists.”
Jian: That’s what happens when one makes assumptions and rudely doesn’t introduce herself or ask for the name of the person she’s talking to. My name is Jian by the way.
Diogenes: So, what exactly is your business with Shealis?
Ursa: Playtime?
Kaddim-sul: She stole something, and plans to flee the city today with it, taking the item to Shahalesti
Diogenes: An item? I find myself interested, what is this item?
Jian: A satchel of documents, filled with information that could be harmful to everyone here if it gets into the wrong hands.
Kaddim-sul: And seriously do you trust her to put it in the right hands?
Diogenes: Documents?
Jian nods
Diogenes: How do I know you aren’t here to help her smuggle those documents out?
Ursa: Again….playtime.
Jian: I imagine like her or not, you know she would be intelligent enough to gather a less conspicuous group for smuggling something unseen out of a city.
Jian: Or, if that was the case, I could have just flown in, picked up the documents from her and flown out….
Diogenes: I see, I suppose you are right. Very well, you have convinced me. I shall let you enter.
Jian mumbles to herself, “Why didn’t I just do that…”
Jian mumbles to herself, “Why didn’t I just do that to reaquire them..”
Kaddim-sul: Thank you for your understanding
Avingancaeminha: Thank you.
Avingancaeminha: Do you know where we can find her?

The party manage to persuade Diogenes to let them in, he takes them to the kitchen and invites the party to take whatever they want from the larder, to which they do with enthusiasm.

Diogenes: We should discuss plans for dealing with her before going to her apartment. She has had visitors over the past day, an elf, and of course her solon.
Diogenes: She can not leave the school before 10, before the gates open.
Kaddim-sul: Unless she has found another way out.
Diogenes: No, she is still in her apartment. Currently the school is empty except for myself, and Shealis.
Kaddim-sul: Grabs some food from the larder and begins to eat while they discuss
Diogenes: I have a plan, if you would like to hear it?
Kaddim-sul: I understand she is a fairly powerful mage in her own right. Perhaps you would have a suggestion on how we could keep her from leaving until our allies arrive
Jian: Of course.
Kaddim-sul: Certainly
Ursa: Does it involve two bears using her as a beach ball?
Ursa: If not, they’re not really intrested
Diogenes: It may well come to that, that sounds fun.
Kaddim-sul chuckle
Avingancaeminha wonders what a beach ball is.
Kaddim-sul: quietly hardboils an egg in his hand before eating it

They begin talk of a plan to keep Shealis in her apartment while the party talks with her.

Diogenes: The school has a… device, that creates a globe of force about the size of our friends apartment, but it requires a ritual to start and maintain. As the school is empty it will fall to be to cast this ritual while you deal with Shealis. Once the field is up, Shaelis will be trapped, you can then attempt to subdue her and obtain your documents.

The party agree with the plan, and they head to Shealis’s apartment to prepare to “subdue” her.

Diogenes brings you to Shealis’s apartment, a single story building on the western side of the combound; he then produces a small box from his robe and sits cross-legged on the snow-covered ground. He looks at you.
“You need to be close to the walls when the ritual starts,” Diogenes reminds you. “The globe will be impassable for about fifteen minutes. That should be plenty of time. If you have not obtained the case by then, my strength will be spent and the globe will fail. I wish you luck. I’ll release the globe if you come out first and give a positive signal that all is fine.”
Kaddim-sul: Excellent, we shall need all the luck we can get.
Jian moves along the wall.
Avingancaeminha follows jian.
Kaddim-sul: Stands next to the wall
Diogenes looks at you
Diogenes: Are you ready?
Kaddim-sul: As we’ll ever be I guess
Diogenies begins the ritual and you prepare to enter the apartment.
The door to the apartment opens, revealing a generous room that serves multiple purposes. A salon spreads to your right, melding into a kitchen along the rightmost wall. The far wall is adorned by a table and desk filled with equipment and boxes. Immediately to your left is a line of bookcases, nearly empty from obvious packing.
The light is dim, but a blond-haired eladrin woman stands near a small lamp in the kitchen. Her blue eyes flicker like shining sapphires and her pale skin glows like snow. She wears concealing red robes, but the metallic gleam of chainmail peeks out from her collar. Her gloves shine like silver.
With an easy grace, she steps toward the stove, seemingly unconcerned, and speaks, “You are here for the case, I know. I do not intend to let it fall back into Ragesian hands and it is safe right now. What can you say that would change my mind?”

The party meet Shealis, and then begin persuading her to give them the case.

Kaddim-sul: Shealis I presume
Jian: Pretty please.
Ursa: So, Shaelis, who’s your friends around the corner?
Shealis: That is none of your concern.
Kaddim-sul: Fair enough, it is you we have come to seek anyway
Ursa: True enough, because you’re not going to give us any trouble.
Jian: There is still a chance for everyone to get out of this without any violence. We need those documents back, we’re just a first response unit, more are coming. Its better for everyone if you just return them.
Shealis: First response huh? That does not bother me, they will not stop me.
Avingancaeminha: Why do you even need the case?
Wolfbane Moonshadow attempts to steal any items of value that are pocketable. Shealis: Shahalesti and Ragesia are at war, or at least they soon will be. I presume the documents in the case will help, but I am not quite sure what is in it.
Avingancaeminha communicates with the party telepathically, “I can sense that she will not be swayed by attempts at indimidation.”
Kaddim-sul: nods slightly at Avi
Wolfbane Moonshadow smiles when he notices a map on the table and whispers his finding to the party.
Kaddim-sul: I believe, and I think you do as well, that this case may contain clues to the teleportation problem. I believe that we have a better chance with the group of mages at Lyceum to figure out what is in the documents and how to make things better than you by yourself could do.
Shealis: Are you sure? If that is true then what is in the case may be even more important then I believed. I am still not convinced that you having the case is the best course of action, I still feel it is best in the hands of the shahalesti.
Ursa: So, where are you heading?
Ursa points the tip of her staff at the map on the table.
Shealis: That is of no concern to you, I am appaled that you would ask such a thing of me.
Ursa: Awe, something I said? Too bad.
Jian: Why do feel the documents are better in the hands of the Shahalesti?
Shealis: They would be better in the hands of my own kind, as I do not feel I can trust anyone else. I presume you are working with the resistance? As such, I ask you a counter question, how would working with you and the resistance, benefit me?
Kaddim-sul: Having not been on this plane long I am not certain I am correct, but from what I have heard and read is it not better that Gate Pass remain a neutral boundary between Ragesia and Shahalesti. THe only ones who can help assure that are the resistance.
Shealis: You are right I suppose, but if gate pass were to fall, then Shahalesti would need this information in the case, surely it is important that we recieve the information? As such I still think it would be best for Shahalesti to recieve the case.
Jian: It seems that Liceem would serve better as a place to research this particular problem. Their library and the knowledge of their mages in this field is quite impressive.
Avingancaeminha: It seems that Liceem would serve better as a place to research this particular problem. Their library and the knowledge of their mages in this field is quite impressive.
Shealis: I suppose you are correct. Lyceum would be a good place to study. However I still do not know if I can quite trust you.
Kaddim-sul: What if we could promise that the mages in Lyceum would share every bit of information with Shahalesti. You could even assign a mage from Shahalesti to help with the interpretation of the information in the case. THat way we all win
Shealis: I have a better solution however, I will help you on the condition that the case stays in Shahalesti control, and that all its secrets will be shared. Lyceum will recieve updates reguarding its contents through sending rituals. Their contact will be Clathan, an eladrin wizard of some renouwn.
Kaddim-sul: I still think it would be better at Lyceum, however, we still would like to see the case to make sure the contents are safe
Jian: Why not have the contents copied, so both places have access to them, and still stipulate the open communication and cooperative research?
Shealis: That could be done, if the case is in our posession we shall see that all information is shared, perhaps that could work. However I must be adament that it stay in Shahalesti control.
Kaddim-sul: Looks at the others. Personally I see no problem, so long as it is out of Ragesian influence and it is being studied for the benefit of Gate Pass and the lands Ragesia seeks to dominate
Jian: It sounds like a fair compromise…
Kaddim-sul: Either way I want to know the case and the information in it is safe
Kaddim-sul: Oh, we should probably let Diogenes know he can stop the ritual
Shealis: Oh I am so pleased by your wisdom! I apologise for any misunderstandings that might have occured. I am perfectly willing to help you out as much as possible if I should meet you in the future.
Shealis: However, I must confess something. I do not have the case in my possession, it is being kept by some eladrin partners of mine, who aim to give me the case when next we see each other. I shall take you to them when you are ready.
Kaddim-sul steps outside and signals Diogenes that all is fine
Avingancaeminha: I just hope the powers that be in Shahalesti do not decide you are not allowed to honour this aggreement.

The party are victorious in persuading her, however they find that she does not have the case, and that it is being held by a group of Eladrin, as they are talking, torrent walks in with a halfling, the halfling takes one look at the situation and walks off.

After explaining the situation to Torrent, she agrees, and the party head off with Shealis to the Eladrin ghetto. As they get there they do not know which building the eladrin they seek are located. They begin asking the locals, who at the beginning ignore their questions, however eventually they find a group of Eladrin who are willing to tell them where the Shahalesti Eladrin are. They are told that they are hiding in a door makers shop.

As they get to the shop, they find the front door is fake and only made to look like a door. They try the back and find a secret door made of wood, painted to look like a brick, with three switches that can turn, hidden in a carving of various celestial figures.

Kaddim-sul: Hmmm… I am betting there is a clue here.
Jian: Anyone familiar with these figures?
Kaddim-sul: Studying the celestial figures and attempting to recall whether they mean anything to him
Before you is a carving, done in a Shahalesti high style. Demons fight from the walls of a citadel as three figures, a winged woman with a trumpet (a solon), a noble and muscular man with a lion’s head (a leonal), and an armored eladrin woman with a gleaming greatsword, battle. An inset ray of light bathes the three heroes in a golden glow. The figures are raised from the rest of the work and appear to be switches that may unlock the door.
Kaddim-sul: Could this be related to some tale or legend of Shahalesti nature?
Avingancaeminha: I’m not familiar with it. Shaelis?
Shealis: I am afraid I do not know how to solve this, I have no ideas.

Wolfbane searches the door for traps, and finds one, he swiftly disarms it, however the door remains shut.

Kaddim-sul: Reaching back into his studies of history to see if these three figures mean anything to him
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Managed to disable the trap.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: We need to be careful though, there’s an alarm on the door.
Kaddim-sul: I have no idea and I am not familiar with the tales of this plane enough to tell what the significance is
Kaddim-sul: Was there not a clue on the map?
Avingancaeminha: Oh, these represent three planes. There are planes listed on your map, correct?
Kaddim-sul: Looking at the map sheet to see if anything is listed there
Shealis looks at the map.
She notices a note on the map.
Avingancaeminha tries to peer over her shoulder.
Jian tries to peer over her shoulder.
Ah, it seems that if we turn the switches in order, Eladrin,leonal then solon. and the door will open with the sunbeam carving is pushed.
Shealis: Ah, it seems that if we turn the switches in order, Eladrin,leonal then solon. and the door will open with the sunbeam carving is pushed.

The door puzzle is solved, however at that time they hear a noise close-by, this noise belongs to an imp.

As she says that, you here a sound nearby “Psst”
Kaddim-sul: Looking for the Psst
Jian snaps her head around, hand moving to her sword hilt.
Kaddim-sul ’s sword appears in his hand
?: I wish to make an alliance with you. I was sent to retrieve the case. I can help you get in if you wish, I know how this door works. In fact I will be more then welcome for you to take the documents and for me to take an empty case, i will not be violating my orders then.
Jian looks to torrent.
The thing talking to you reveals himself to be an imp.
Kaddim-sul: walks over and pushes the symbols in order, Eladrin, Leonal and Solon, then pushes the sunbeam
Avingancaeminha: I think we will be fine on our own.
Kaddim-sul: The problem I see is he is probably going to try to gain the case no matter what we do. After all it is a contract thing with them
: I cannot leave without the case, I am an imp, I am bound by a pact.

The imp begins to attack Avi, however he is swiftly dealt with, and vanishes.

You no longer sense his presence near you, he is gone.
Kaddim-sul: From what I remember of imps and devils, they are given a contract. By nature they must fulfill the letter of the contract not necessarily the spirit of the contract. If the Imp was told to bring the case to whomever, that is all he needs to bring. He is not responsible for the contents.
Kaddim-sul: Just over protective :D
Jian: I have a feeling that may come back to haunt us.

The party opens the door. Shealis asks for the case and then, in a surprising turn of events, gives the case to the party.

You open the door and enter the building, you meet up with three celestial badgers, two shahalesti warriors, and a shahalesti lieutenant. The lieutenant is briefing the eladrin regarding the tunnel. Shealis speaks a phrase and the badgers calm down. The eladrin then come downstairs and greet you.
Shealis: Give me the case now, I am ready to take it.
The eladrin do as they are told, finding and retrieving the case and then handing it over to Shealis.
Shealis: Shaelis then, surprisingly, hands it over to you.
Shaelis then, surprisingly, hands it over to you.
Shealis: Here, you should take it. There is a more eclectic belnd of magicians at Lyceum, and they may know more secrets that are not studied by the Shahalesti. I realize I am taking risk with my kin, but this is a war where pride will guarantee defeat.
Kaddim-sul: I thought you wanted it in your control? Not that I’m complaining, and I do agree, the best result should come from Lyceum. We will make sure that every bit of information is shared with your people as well.
Kaddim-sul looks at the case to see if he can figure out if it is locked and how
Shealis: Good, I have decided it best taken with you. make sure it gets to Lyceum.
Jian: We will
Kaddim-sul: As long as I live and burn, I shall protect it and see it safely to Lyceum
You try and open the case, but find that it is etched with swirling patterns and warded with an arcane lock ritual.
Kaddim-sul: Looks to the party: Should we try to get into it or just leave it as is?
Jian: Probably best to leave it locked.
Jian: If it falls back into the wrong hands, we don’t want to be responsbile for having already opened it.
Ursa: Let the boys have it. I’m sure they can get it open after a bit of play.
Kaddim-sul: My thoughts as well. It should provide some protection from the elements and those that would take the documents
Kaddim-sul: I’m pretty sure they could!
Jian: We will have to take extra caution to keep it safe. I’m sure the imp is still trying to acquire it.
Torrent: Well done, thank you Shealis, now, let us return to the safe house and we can begin talking of escaping the city.



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