War of the Burning Sky

Death of a friend

The battle rages on at the warehouse, with the Pseudo dragon and storm mage joining the Frey the fight has gotten tougher, the party manage to defeat the last remaining bandits, but not before the storm mage fires a burst of magic that knocks Apothem to the ground, combined with the drake who infects him with a deadly poison, every attempt to heal him fails as the poison knocks him down again. After the fight concludes, the mages magic and the dragons poison is too much, and Apothem lies dead on the ground.

As the drake dies, he explodes into a poison cloud, infecting those around him with a deadly poison, knocking Jian to the ground as well, however the party stabilise him and stop the poison before It can affect them further. After the battle, the party seem to ignore their dead companion, and turn instead to searching the warehouse.

Adronus attends to Jian.
Avingancaeminha: Is the teifling alive?
Jian sits up and sucks in a breath then immediately starts coughing up phlegm the poison created. Jian: Thank you.
Jian: We should look around.
Aldalphus: ok
Jian stands up.
Jian shifts and flies over to look at what is on the table.
Avingancaeminha moves through the warehouse, checking out some of the crates as he goes.
You notice a room that you did not notice before, you enter it and find a chest inside it.
Aldalphus: Chest here!!
Jian flies up a ways to avoid any nasty surprises the chest may have.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Its safe

White wyrm letter

The party finds and opens a chest, inside they find documents and notes signed by a mysterious M, one in particular stand out to them. Stating that the Councilman Erdan Menash is the target of the terrorist cell.

Aldalphus: lets us leave this place
Jian: Caw!
Avingancaeminha: We should consult with Torrent, see if she knows of this Erdan Menash.
Adronus: We should probably get out of here.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Let’s get the hella outta this place the dragon has released his blows on the final blow of my blade
Aldalphus: Lets go
Aldalphus: Burn the body
Adronus flies over and lands on Apothem, “Caw! Caw!”
Wolfbane Moonshadow: I am going to piss on him!
Avingancaeminha: You humans have strange rituals for yoiur dead.
Avingancaeminha: But do what you must.
Aldalphus: Burns the body and says final prayer

The party spends some time burning the body of Apothem, and then leave the warehouse, on their way they meet a strange woman riding on a bear her name is Ursa.

You spend a few minutes burning the body of your dead companion, and after saying your final prayers and goodbyes, you leave the warehouse. As you walk back to the safe house, you come across a strange woman riding atop a bear.
Avingancaeminha: Look at the strange woman riding a bear.
Aldalphus: That is something you don’t see every day
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Who the hell is that???
Ursa: Oy, what you lot doin way out ‘ere then?
Adronus flies up and circles the bear lady once to get a good look at her.
Jian flies up and circles the bear lady once to get a good look at her.
Ursa nudges a massive brown bear closer towards the party, levelling a staff towards them.
Ursa: Oy! I ask’d you lot a question.
Adronus: Who are you to question us?
Adronus reaches for his sword and then looks extremely confused when he can’t find it.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Lookin for this!!!
Adronus: What the…
Aldalphus: Perhaps we should be about our business
Ursa: This be restricted area it iz.
Aldalphus: Nods to the woman and the large bear,
Ursa: By orda or the Gate Pass Militia
Aldalphus: Good day mam, we are on our way
Avingancaeminha: Who are you?
Ursa: Ursa, Freelance Sergeant of the Gate Pass Militia.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: And what do you want?
Ursa: They hire me to patrol this area.
Adronus: Give that back! I didn’t not sign up for this. I’m demanding a transfer as soon as we get back. Damn thieves.
Aldalphus: We are but humble travelers, seaking to leave the city before we are caught by the war
Avingancaeminha: I was not aware that the militia took on freelance members.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Aww don’t cry Adronus…just shut up!
Ursa: They can’t afford to spare soldiers this far out with the army bearing down.
Ursa: So they hire freelancers from the area to act on their behlaf.
Owlbear begins to sniff around Jian.
Ursa: Pookah! Down!
Ursa: So, give me a reason I should report you lot as suspicious.
Aldalphus: Can you escort us out of the city?
Ursa: Fool Dragonborn. Gate Pass is on lock down.
Jian: Report away we have the same boss I’m assuming.

As they are talking, another man wearing the uniform of the city militia joins the talk.

Aldalphus: An Army is bearing down on you, do you think anyone will care?
Millitia: Harrasing the locals again are we Ursa?
Ursa: Ayup. This lot is wantin to leave the city.
Millitia: Now why would they be wanting to do that then?
Aldalphus: Nodds his head
Ursa shrugs
Aldalphus: We wish to be clear of the invasion
Ursa: Pookah thinks that one over there is a bit flighty.
Millitia takes a closer look at them
Ursa points her staff towards Jian
Millitia: Hey now, I saw you guys leaving that temple nearby earlier, sure of it.
Aldalphus: Likely
Wolfbane Moonshadow: And what if you did?
Avingancaeminha: We did. What of it?
Ursa: Baloo, isn’t sure what to think just yet.
Aldalphus: The you can imagine what type of business we are on
Millitia: For the resistance I presume? Not that I know much about them of course.
Aldalphus: The less you know, and all that.
Pookah squints at the Militia guard.
Aldalphus: Can you have this lady and the bear escort us to the wall?
Ursa: Do I look like some kind of tour guide?
Millitia: Sorry, No can do that mr dragonborn. The city’s gates are locked, and if I see you near them, I’ll have to arrest you.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Arrest you say? HA!
Aldalphus: Well we dont want that do we.
Aldalphus: How about this, get us an escort to the wall and let us handle getting out.
Millitia: Sorry sir, no can do, it’s more then my jobs worth.
Avingancaeminha: Why would you wish to keep us locked within this city f we desire to leave?
Aldalphus: Perhaps delaying us may be as well friend
Ursa: Look, I’ll come with you to the wall if only to make sure you’re not trying to flee the city.
Ursa: Like I said before, we’re on lockdown.
Ursa: And while we travel, you can tell me exactly why it is you want out.
Millitia: Now, that’s none of your business I say, now run a long back to the temple. Ursa here will accompany you back, make sure you don’t run off to the wall.
Aldalphus: Thats funny, lol, Yes come with us to the wall
Avingancaeminha: (aside to Aldalphus) We are going to have to lose her, if we are to make it to the mage’s school.
Baloo begins to sniff the air in your general direction
Aldalphus: Looks at the Lady and The Bear
Aldalphus: She may want to help, we can use her
Millitia: Now then, why would you be wanting to see the mages? You ragesian spies?
Aldalphus: She is of a good heart, I can tell
Wolfbane Moonshadow: I say make a run for it!
Jian: Love potions.
Jian bats her eyes dreamily at Adronus.
Ursa swuints her eyes at Jian
Adronus takes a step away from Jian.
Ursa: Really? I’ve been seeing this big burly hunk of a man at the tavern. I could use a love potion myself…
Millitia: Love potions huh? Well if you went to the school, I guess they’d have some, can’t see why you’d want one though.
Ursa glares at the Militia Guard
Jian: We should probably be off.
Ursa: Sometimes a lady needs to pad their virtues if you know what I mean.
Millitia: Aye, that you best, like I said. Ursa here will accompany you back to the temple, make sure you aint up to no funny business.

Finally, the party make their way back to the temple, and find that Torrent has not yet returned, as soon as they arrive Adronus walks off in a huff after having his sword stolen earlier.

Later, Buron talks to the party and invites them to join the resistance.

Buron: Your actions have been of great service to the resistance. If you desire to ally with our cause, you would be welcome. Your passion has become an inspiration to us all and we would be the richer if you joined our ranks. Many speak so highly of you, that I think they would follow you into the depths of the demons’ hells!
Ursa: The guard don’t pay well enough right now. I’ll join if we can keep the spoils.
Buron: Course you can, anything you find is yours to keep. I’m not sure I’ve met you yet miss?
Ursa: I’ve three hungry mouths to feed.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: If I join whats in it for me?
Avingancaeminha: Your loyalties are not fixed, female. It concerns me that we may not be able to trust you in the future, should somethign better come along.
Buron: If you mean payment? Then we cannot offer you such.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: Tell my why I should join then?
Buron: It is your choice, I will not force you. You have already agreed to help torrent, but that does not make you a member of the resistance.
Wolfbane Moonshadow: I will join but…I hope that I don’t regret it
Avingancaeminha: I will join you.



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